What is Android ?

You may have heard about Android before and if you search around the web, you will have found many results about Android. So, what is Android ? Android is the name of an open source mobile operating system developed and maintained by Google.

It’s one of the most popular mobile operating system, along with Apple’s iOS, and commonly installed on many smartphones and tablets, offering users access to services from Google like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and more.

Android is an open source operating system, you can grab the source code and build your own mobile operating system based on the main code from Google. It’s free to anyone to use for free. Maybe you don’t know yet, but Google is expanding Android to many other devices, such as smarthome equipments or cars. Indeed, Google has announced Android Auto, an operating system for cars, to control entertainment systems as well as maps or directions, in your car.

Android Smartphone

Moreover, Android is owned by Google, and they are selling the license for other companies to use Android source code, customize it and install on commerce devices. Whether you have a Samsung smartphone, a Nexus smartphone or any other phone of other brands that running Android, these phones use a customization version of Android. Most mobile manufacturers have modified the base Android source code, adding their own services and apps, and install it into their mobile devices.

For example, both Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 are Android smartphone, but they are very different from each other, and even all are based on Android, it’s not like the original version of Google about both user interface and features. The main reason that mobile manufacturers customize the Android is that’s what users want, they want more great features, more flexible, with a nice user interface …etc. However, it’s still Android that we all use and love.

In this article, I just want to explain to you what is Android. If you are looking for more information on Android, visit our Android category to find out.


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