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We are now accepting guest posts from all contributors, who can write useful articles to our readers, but may restrict in which topic you could write about.

Techfor.us accepts articles on Windows, Mac, ̶L̶̶i̶̶n̶̶u̶̶x̶ ̶A̶̶n̶̶d̶̶r̶̶o̶̶i̶̶d̶  ̶i̶̶O̶̶S̶. Especially:

A. Step by step tutorials that fit above categories

B. How to articles that fit above categories

C. Top 10, top 15 … and so on articles that fit above categories

Most articles with general information will be rejected. For example: An article talks about “Internet Of Things”, and the whole article is only telling “what IoT is”, “how useful is it”, “how does it benefit us”, and “blah blah blah”. All articles like that will be rejected.​

Must focus on the quality of the article. For example: If you have a plan to write a guide article, ensure you have personally tested the methods. Because if those methods won’t be working, then the article is useless for readers.

Techfor.us does not have any “bio” or “about author” section, so you can:

A. You can put one link to your website from 4th paragraph to the end. Not allowed to put your keyword and link at the beginning of the article.

B. The external link (your link or even resource links) must be relevant to what you write in the article. For example, you write a tutorial about how to install Windows 10, you can write a short paragraph to tell readers where to download Windows 10 with your link in there as resources.

C. Feel free to link to your website, company or anywhere that relevant. This is the web, and we are all friends here. But don’t try to bend content just to have the right anchor text / keyword pointing at your website.

The article must have at least 800+ words.

Do not send us any article that you copying from somewhere. Our team will check the article before it’s published. Also, don’t send us an article that has low quality and comes with useless information.

Must have at least three images in the article to make users understand the guide better. Don’t use copyrighted images. If there is any report of copyright violations, we will take down the article.

Unnatural external links or links with targeted keywords in the articles are not allowed.

Techfor.us will own the full rights of articles once it’s published. Techfor.us may remove articles in future without prior notice to you in case we found the article is violated policies of Techfor.us.


So before start to write your article, be sure to contact us first to discuss more about the topic you would like to write.

If you can’t reach us with the form below for any reason, feel free to contact us directly via email info@techfor.us. We will respond to your message within 3 business days.


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