Three Ways AI Has Already Affected Business


Artificial Intelligence can be a vital asset to your business. It has already proven to be a valuable tool in which companies and marketers are able to understand target leads, which will allow them to sell a product more efficiently. This ends up saving businesses precious time and resources. The time of artificial intelligence is upon us. AI thrives in the 21st Century, where the consumer is more of a vast concept, the audience is huge and the technology is alive.

Automation of work has always been a trend across all industries. It is a way of making things easier for the employer and cutting costs. We are now seeing this trend resurface with routine cognitive processes.  This is similar to industrial machines automating actual physical labor. Smart algorithms have the capability of replacing all jobs across most business. For instance, it can replace lawyers, journalists, and even financial reports. This is convenient for businesses as it allows for the work to be done with no breaks or time restraints at all. This means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This makes working more of a matter of routine versus non-routine work when it comes to hiring actual employees or automating work.

Artificial intelligence has already impacted the world of social media, in which it helps companies discover insights from their data, predict future trends, and manage crisis situations faster and more efficiently. Arguably, the biggest advantage of artificial intelligence in social media is its ability to make sense of large amounts of customer data. This is otherwise referred to as social media analytics, and is currently helping companies peek into the minds of their customers and gain competitive advantage.


Social media is an excellent resource for businesses in the modern, fast-paced world. Artificial intelligence has a major role in determining marketing strategies on social media platforms. This majorly impacts businesses in a positive way (despite it being often perceived as scary to the typical consumer). Some of the ways in which social media artificial intelligence may already be helping businesses is by having the sheer power to closely tailor advertisements based on noticed interests and buyer persona insights. This is a controversial subject to most, but for businesses, advertising has never been so engaging or effective. Another way is that artificial intelligence simply allows for interaction with leads via social media via online automatic monitoring tools. This has been influencing how businesses work for years.

Despite all of the positive things about using artificial intelligence and social media for businesses, it also by default makes the social media environment more competitive. Think about it, there is always a continuous stream of advertising on social media. As the consumer becomes more sophisticated, naturally the business must rise to this. This means that advertising has to be constantly changing and evolving before our eyes. This has been happening since the beginning of social media, advertising and even social media platforms themselves have to compete with each other to keep the rapidly growing and increasingly less impressionable audience entertained.

Another way AI has affected business is its role with unstructured data. Unstructured data is all of the information that is not easily available from typical consumer interactions and that is not stored in a database. The logged data is structured data, from consumer surveys and otherwise, but this only accounts for about 20% of all data. The rest is all unstructured and the most helpful for businesses and indeed what is being used. For instance, some companies use call center conversations to determine customer’s personality types so that people with a similar service style can serve them. This is extremely helpful to businesses as it provides vital information about their consumers. The analysis of unstructured data is something that will rise in popularity in the next ten years, as it is the most impactful use of artificial intelligence.

Ultimately, having authentic human connections are the underlying reasons of successful use of artificial intelligence in businesses. This is important to understand when employing artificial intelligence in your business. It must be tactful in order to be beneficial. This is something that is achievable in the twenty first century and all companies’ employ varying artificial intelligence procedures. This has proven to revolutionize the way businesses run, and in the end, how they are viewed by the invaluable consumer. The business world will never be the same again, as the challenges have evolved throughout the modern world.

Artificial intelligence has saturated the entire new world market and has made its way through to every facet of consumer life. Despite the controversy and the cause of concern for the consumer, artificial intelligence has proven to be a major asset to businesses across the world, transcending all plains of the market.