A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Netflix


Netflix is at the top of their game for streaming shows to their loyal fans like House of Cards and Stranger Things. However, it has become a popular way to view your favorite shows whether it’s a Netflix Original or something else. The habit of “binge watching” has changed our television viewing habits. Rather than watch a show a week, we can watch an entire season in a weekend.

If you are thinking of subscribing to Netflix you will be paying $9.99 a month rather than the $7.99 that they originally started with. You may also need some instructions on the various ways you can watch. This is your step by step guide to setting up Netflix.

Signing up

To use Netflix you must need to first sign up. This step can be done by going online to the Netflix website. You will need to enter your credit card information, this will be a recurring monthly fee.

You will need to set up a password and email address to gain access to Netflix. You will use this to gain access on any device you choose to use for viewing. Try to choose a password that you don’t use for anything else and don’t share your password. If you choose to share your password this could create problems with too many users and you may end up paying even more. Netflix also offers DVD Service and Downloading.

This step doesn’t take long and you should be up and running in no time. If not, just contact Netflix customer service and they will help you.

Smart TV

If you have a smart TV there is a good chance you can stream Netflix without any other device. Smart TV’s will usually have the Netflix app pre-installed or on that can be downloaded.

If the app is pre-installed already, you just have to find it and run it. There should be a button that takes you to a TV’s smart menu. Here you can either choose to run the app and then, when prompted, enter in your email address and password.

If you can’t find the app, you can search for it if through the search function on your menu. Once find Netflix choose and then download and install. Now you can run the app from there. When you go back to the home screen you should find pre-installed apps and from there you can launch Netflix.

Important note- Netflix requires a broadband connection of a certain speed, otherwise it will buffer a lot. You will want to connect your TV via an ethernet cable (the one you plug into a router) or WiFi (smart TVs usually have wireless connectivity built in). Remember no connection, no downloading Netflix.

Mobile Device

This set up is very similar to the smart tv setup. Netflix is available on Android and iOS as an app. It’s free to download, so there is no reason why you can’t navigate to Google Play, App Store or Marketplace to download and install.

You still need to be connected to the internet, either by wifi or 3G/4G. You will be prompted to enter your login details when you first load up the app.

Streaming on your mobile device means watching you data plan. You may quickly burn through your data plan only to end up having to pay overage charges.


Laptop and computer users can stream Netflix through an internet browser. All you have to do is navigate to Netflix.com and then, again, enter in your email address and password you chose when signing up to the movie streaming service.

You can download a Netflix app from the Mac App Store if you choose Apple computers.

Games console

Netflix can also be streamed on Gaming Consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii and Wii U. This setup process is pretty much the same as we have described above. Download the Netflix app from the respective store, install and then run it. Once again, you will be asked to enter your email and password.

Anything else?

As long as you have your password and email address, you should be good to go. Most problems arise from a lack of internet connectivity or incorrect login details being entered.

You can have up to six “authorized” devices linked to your account. To set this up you can go to ‘Your Account’ tab and monitor the devices that are being used, activate new devices, cancel your membership and add titles to ‘Your List’.

For any other Netflix issues please visit their website or call customer service.