Presentation Tech You Have Been Missing Out On

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PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides and other slideshow programs are some of the go-to tools for any group meeting. They are easy to use, easy to read and incredibly versatile if you know what to do. Below you will find a list of add-ons guaranteed to enhance the quality of your next presentation.

Polling Software & the Survey Situation

Show of hands, how many people use surveys as a way of assessing audience engagement? It’s time to catch up to the digital age with more accurate polling software by creating and embedding live polls. This can range from multiple choice answers to on-screen discussions. While some polling hardware can be expensive and cumbersome, more advanced software solutions allow for audience members to answer surveys via customer URLS, mobile phones or even social media.

If you are looking to include interactive polling as part of your next presentation, try to find a solution that matches with your favorite presentation tool. For example, Poll Everywhere offers a Google Slides extension with all its features in one handy menu. Some survey solutions even allow for live discussions during your presentation.

Grab Their Attention with Custom Charts

PowerPoints are great for adding context to your talk, especially when you tack on a custom chart to your presentation. Oomfo is a free plugin for PowerPoint 2003 and later versions  that helps you add intelligent charts to your presentation. Go beyond regular old pie charts with specialized styles including waterfall, funnel and pyramid. Since these charts are live, you can edit number and statistics on the fly.

Make Text Come Alive with a Word Cloud

Word clouds are a trendy way to make text more appealing. Whether you are trying to visualize words based on importance or frequency, a specialty add-on can instantly generate a word cloud fit to your needs. For example, Drive Word Cloud works with Google Drive programs and allows for different fonts, layouts and more. You can even create an image from the app which you can then print or share with friends and coworkers.

Some word cloud add-ons also work with polling software to automatically gather responses into a living image for PowerPoint or Google Slide extension, resulting in something visually appealing for audience members and valuable for presenters.

Demystify History and Scheduling with a Timeline

As you can tell, adding visual elements to your presentation can demystify complex elements into digestible images. One way of doing this is through Office Timeline. This PowerPoint add-on lets you create schedule and timelines that are easy to read and adjust. Forget about tedious charts and Excel sheets. Now you can design colorful timelines for project planning and tracking purposes.

Back to the Basics

While technology pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, sometimes it’s valuable to go back and improve what we already have. G-Tools is one of those add-ons you never knew you needed until you try it yourself. This application adds a new ribbon tab to your PowerPoint program which includes powerful design tools to improve your next slideshow. Nifty features include exporting slide notes to Word or Excel and the ability to export selected slides to a new presentation without losing formatting.

Mix Things Up with Multimedia

If you want to engage and delight your audience, you need to go beyond bullet-pointed lists. Try adding a little media to your presentation using a Google Slide extension or PowerPoint add-on. Office Mix is a video slideshow tool perfect for businesspeople and educators. Add voice, video or digital ink to your presentation and play it back on any device including desktop, smartphone or tablet. Plus, it’s free!

Tech Savvy Presenters

These are just a few of the amazing presentation tools out there. Be sure to explore different add-ons as new software is developed all the time. It’s only a matter of time until people start seeing you as the presentation guru.