5 Niche Products Perfect for Ecommerce Sites


One of the first questions you have to ask yourself as an ecommerce entrepreneur is what you are going to sell. There are endless options and opportunities to sell different products online, but successful ecommerce companies are strategic in creating their stores.

Targeting a specific audience is critical in ensuring your operation’s success. The best way to really establish an audience-product fit is to choose a specific niche. Choosing a niche is challenging because you don’t want it to be too broad or too narrow. The key is to find niche products that are in-demand but have low competition.

Once you start researching and brainstorming, you’ll be surprised at all the unique opportunities you can pursue. If you find yourself out of creative juice, check out which physical stores are thriving in the area you live. Are there any interesting or out-of-the-box concepts doing well? Also take advantage of social media sites, particularly Instagram and Pinterest, to see what kinds of products are being talked about and shared.

Here are some niche products you may have never thought of that are currently being sold successfully on ecommerce websites:

Steampunk Accessories

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction or fantasy literature that takes place in an alternative history Victorian era and features steam-powered technology. It has evolved beyond books, however, as many steampunk fans enjoy dressing up with steampunk fashion, gadgets, and accessories. While a lot of steampunk accessories are handmade, its increasing popularity increases the demand in this space.

Flow Arts

Flow arts are creative movement-based practices, often involving specific props. Examples of flow arts include hula hooping, juggling, fire spinning, staff spinning, Maori poi spinning, sphere manipulation, and fan dancing. While commonly associated with public performances, flow arts can also be practiced as a hobby and often overlap with dance, martial arts, or even yoga. Choose a specific flow art to target with your ecommerce store, or consider combining different practices to serve multiple audiences.

Festival Clothing

Every year, it seems like festivals are becoming more and more popular. There are so many different kinds of festivals, often featuring multi-day music and art events. From Coachella and Sasquatch to all the lesser-known micro gatherings happening through the country and world, festivals have grown to include their own, unique style of clothing. Many festival goers are passionate, creative people who enjoy wearing festive clothing at these events. Whether the festival goer is more rave-minded or free-spirited, you can build an ecommerce site to fulfill their specific needs.

Collectors’ Memorabilia

People collect all kinds of things. When most people think of collectables, they probably think of sports memorabilia, dolls, coins, or stamps. However, you’d be surprised at less common collectables you can sell online to passionate collectors.

For example, there are people who collect miniature furniture, clocks, ceramic chickens, sneakers, Pokemon memorabilia, and much, much more. Whatever there is to collect, someone is probably collecting it. This opens up a lot of opportunities for ecommerce store owners to find a passionate group of collectors and provide the items they’re looking for.

Fandom Items

If you can create products like t-shirts or mugs that cater to a very specific group of people, you might just have an idea for a successful niche. Offer products that help groups of people show their love for their favorite thing, whether that’s veganism, Crossfit, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or their beloved pets. Plus, marketing to fandoms is pretty easy since these communities already have groups and forums where they hang out online.

Feeling inspired? You’d be surprised what types of products make successful ecommerce stores. Think about your own passions or problems and those of other groups of people. Do your homework and you’ll be sure to find niche products to sell on your ecommerce website.