dedicated hosting

If you are going to launch a new business and need a place to store your website, as well as other online data, then it is very important to choose a right hosting plan.

I’m sure you have done many types of research on the Internet, to find out which is the best hosting plan for your business. By that, you have received many answers, which could be confusing.

There are some different types of hosting you can choose to store your website and its data. Depends on the hosting provider, you may receive different capabilities and features. However, according to statics,  a lot of successful online businesses were using dedicated server hosting instead of shared hosting or virtual private server.

The major reason most business owners choose dedicated servers is that this type of hosting can handle a high amount of traffic and provides better uptime and accessibility.

Should you choose a dedicated server for your business instead of other hosting plans?

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server

In order to help you make your own decision to choose a dedicated server for your business or not. I will tell you a few pros and cons of using dedicated server.

Pro of Dedicated Server

Performance and Reliability

If you choose a dedicated server for your business, you will have the ability to control your bandwidth and disk space. You can easily purchase addition store space or bandwidth if you are running out of these things.

Because a dedicated server is a physical server, then you will have full control of the server you rented. By that, the processor powers, RAM memory, disk space as well as other system resources are only using for your website. These resources don’t share with any other websites. It will help your site load faster, not be slowed down or suspended when running out of bandwidth.

Speed and Accessibility

As I mentioned above, using a dedicated server to run your website will help it load faster. By that, it will give your customers the best experience. The speed of your site is very important when running an e-commerce website or an online store.

Security and Technical Assistance

Beside above reasons, you and your team are only users who can access the dedicated server. It will help to increase safety level and protect your business, make it safer. You will not need to worry about bad neighbors who can attack your website.

Additionally, you can easily install any kinds of software to optimize your website, as well as protect it from threats. Dedicated servers also come with the advanced control panel, which makes it more convenient to access many other features to manage your website.

Cons of Dedicated Server

Cost and Maintenance

The big problem when choosing a dedicated server for your business is that it’s more expensive than other hosting plans, such as shared web hosting or virtual private server.

Besides, it requires you have skill and knowledge to maintain a dedicated server because it’s not easy like shared web hosting or VPS. If you want it to be easier, you should choose managed dedicated server instead of the unmanaged.

Technical Requirements

As I said above, in order to run and maintain your website on a dedicated server, you need to have knowledge about networking and some required skills.

If you or your team members don’t know about how to maintain a dedicated server, then hire a network administrator or a dedicated server administrator should be the best option.