It’s a fact that many blogs fail. On the other hand, top bloggers are millionaires. They’re internet sensations who are respected, quoted and awarded for their efforts. Due to the fact that there are many unsuccessful bloggers out there, there’s a lot of bad advice flying around the internet.

Here are practical, straight-shooting tips that will help you join the world of winning bloggers.

Start the blog

Now, one sure way to fail is not to start. All the tips here are trusted and proven to work. However, you have to do the actual work in order to succeed. Every day, millions of people learn how to start a blog. But then it stops at that; learning but not doing. If you have absolutely no idea on how to start, here are quick pointers:

  • Register your domain name. You can choose any top registrar and quickly register your domain name.
  • Host your blog. There are many top web hosts to choose from. Thoroughly look at their packages and see what works best for you. It pays to spend some time checking out online reviews.
  • Install WordPress. This is the blogging software and content management system that all the pros are using. Your web hosting company should have information on how you can quickly and easily install it.
  • Customize your site. Now that your site is online, customize it and ensure it has a beautiful theme, great widgets, a fantastic header, simple and readable fonts among others. Look at a few top blogs in your industry and make sure yours looks the part. Or better.

Now you have a blog. This is the simple part that anyone can do. Now let’s make it rock.

Create unique content

Brian Dean of Backlinko started when there were many other famous bloggers in his industry. He found new ways of doing things that impressed his readers and made sure his blog quickly became famous. He had his niche properly cut out. Right now, when most people look for information on link building and SEO, they check out his site. All other successful bloggers had a similar strategy.

As you get started in blogging, you should do the same thing. Check out what all the giants in the industry are doing and identify some loopholes. Create unique content that seals those loopholes. Your content should be useful and relevant. It should help your readers effectively in what they are going through.

Give them that wow effect, where they see your blog with unique content, get persuaded to try out your strategies, then get their minds blown when your strategies work. If they find that most of your strategies work in their situations, you’ll have won their hearts.

Don’t just look for money or fame. Look for something that provides value to your readers. Research deeply, see what pains them the most and provide proven solutions. This is the best way to succeed in the long term as a blogger. It will also help you earn lots of cash.

Have your own sound

You don’t want to sound like everyone else. Professionals have their own sound. If you think of your favorite blogger; be it Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin or whoever else you follow in your niche, you’ll realize that there’s something about them and their personality that you just love.

You should never try to sound like someone else. If someone needed information from Neil Patel, they’d get it straight from Neil Patel. However, you should have your own sound, such that people want to read from you. Your words, your personality, your critical thinking, and arguments should be unique to make your content lovable.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking of creating your own unique sound:

  • Would you like to sound like a hero?
  • Do people consider you the tough, straight-shooting guy?
  • Are you the fun-loving, bubbly type?
  • Do you have such a crazy sense of humor that you can even make the toughest guy laugh?
  • Are you a critical thinker?

There you have it, decide on the kind of sound you’ll want to be using in your blog, make it unique to you and create interesting, engaging, trustworthy, persuasive copy using that unique sound.

Market heavily

Marketing starts with work, a lot of work. As your business grows, it starts becoming simpler and at some point, your blog will grow to the extent that it markets itself. That’s what they call making money in your sleep.

Due to competition and scalability, you need to still promote your business heavily even after it gets to this level. That’s why Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg still work besides the fact that they’re stinking rich.

There are very many methods of marketing a blog. The top ways that you need to focus on are just three. Success in these will be like hitting the jackpot. These include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

Get all the information on those methods and push your blog out there to the right audience. An impeccable blog with brilliant marketing becomes a winning blog.