Things to Know before Choosing a Hearing Aid


Choosing a hearing aid can be a complicated decision for some people. If having hearing problems was not bad enough already, choosing a suitable hearing aid among a sea of options compounds the frustration.

We decided it was high time to put this information out there for the masses,  to better aid in finding the right solution to hearing problems.

Types of Hearing Aids:

Hearing aids come in different shapes and sizes, and vary greatly in terms of price and features. You can even buy hearing aid cover colors  for a better look.

Following are the most common hearing aid styles:

“Full canal” design:

This type of hearing aid fits right up against the ear canal and helps people with mild hearing loss. It is the most compact and least visible one you can find.  A small battery powers up the device though some might find this complex..

In the ear:

This comes in two different styles – one covers the full shell of the ear while the other covers the lower part of the outer ear. Due to its sheer size, it has features you won’t find in smaller hearing aids, such as volume control and a longer battery life. In addition, it is easier to handle due to its size.

Behind the ear:

This type of hearing aid helps in all kinds of hearing loss. It rests on the backside of the ear and contains a tube which connects an earpiece fitted in the ear canal.

Features of Hearing Aids:

Hearing aids come with different features. Even though you may not need all of them, it is necessary to understand how each one works to aid in better hearing.

Volume Control:

Digital hearing aids are very good at keeping the loudness level just about right and are particularly suitable for people who either don’t know how or are unable to control volume on the hearing aid. However, this feature really comes in handy when, one may need to increase or decrease the volume to suit personal needs. Some automatic hearing aids come with a manual option too.


Almost all behind-the-ear hearing aids and some in- ear hearing aids contain this option. Telecoil helps to hear audio from electronic devices such as a TV or phone. It catches on to magnetic signals from these devices, though smaller hearing aids are less likely to have this feature.

Microphone noise reduction:

This helps to filter out noise in the background when the user wishes to clearly hear speech in noisy surroundings. It is a must-have if hearing in noisy environments  is a problem or the user generally resides/works in noisy surroundings. Some hearing aids come with multiple microphones and are called “Directional Mics”.

Medical Checkup

A timely visit to an audiologist will determine the level of your hearing loss. This step is very important as it helps you determine what specific type of hearing aid you need.

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