Social Media Influencer: Is It Difficult To Make Them Notice Your Brand


The popularity of “influencer” marketing is well-deserved. Let us tell you that genuine influencer marketing doesn’t happen unless you’re communicating with the social media influencers on a regular basis to bolster your organic communications.

Now, why exactly did we say that the popularity of influencer marketing is justified? It’s solely because it makes you realize the futility of an oft-repeated social networking practice – i.e. of buying followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook. You have these brokers who sell these followers and likes – but does it really prove beneficial for your business? No. You end up paying a fee to garner thousands of followers at one go but at the end of the day – you’re only stuck with a “number” – nothing more than that. You have got followers and likes that are, in no way, relevant to your business. At least 900 out of those 1000 followers don’t even care what you are selling. What are you spending your money for?

How can you connect with social media influencers?

Ask the best of marketing gurus out there and they’ll tell you how important it is to connect with the influencers of the digital world. Do know for a fact that even a casual mention from an influencer offers your brand great mileage. For instance, an influencer might like to tell his/her followers how he/she came across a funny word in your blog. That’s no over-the-top endorsement—nothing to do with what you are selling or how good your offerings are- but an endorsement nonetheless. Let us tell you that even this kind of support may work very well for your brand.

Now, the difficult part is – it isn’t that easy to get these influencers notice you (quite obvious!). However, acquainting yourself with a few hacks of stoking their attention might just turn out to be of help! What are these hacks? Please read on to find out!

The first step to engage them directly in your digital marketing exploits is to find them, share their works and offer insightful comments on their posts. This is just the beginning.

More about harnessing their presence on social media

Don’t forget that the influencer has hundreds of thousands of followers- and managing accounts with millions of followers is a lot of hard work. Know for a fact that they are looking to monetize their hard work as well. It’s true that the paid approach works but you shouldn’t try to buy their influence just as you would buy an advertisement. There is no written rule that you necessarily need to pay them in order to get them on board. You can even collaborate with them to “co-create” instead of compensating them. For instance, if you’re running a site like DX news which offers you radio activation news along with substantial background of the place where the radio is activated from – you can always get eminent travel bloggers on board and work with each other.

Make sure you’re picking an influencer who you think is relevant to your brand. For instance, a name like Pete Cashmore is going to work better for your digital presence if you’re into social media marketing instead of being into food styling!