Advantages of Unbundled Broadband Packages


For many people today, having a landline phone has become almost obsolete, as mobile phones offer more options, especially in terms of mobility and portability. Phone calls, instant messages, net surfing, and even keeping tabs on things in the office are possible with a mobile phone, provided there is Internet connection. If your only reason for having a home phone line is to get Internet connection, then it is about time that you check other broadband Internet options that are available from various Internet service providers (ISPs).

However, you normally have to pay for line rental when you get a fixed line broadband plan. You are actually paying for three things: phone line rental, fee for phone calls and fee for the broadband Internet service.

If you do not need a home phone line because you use your mobile phone for almost everything you do, Naked DSL will substantially lower your Internet bill. Here are some ideas on how to avail of a good broadband plan without paying for a home line that you will rarely use.

Unbundled broadband plan

Today there are some broadband bundles available from various ISPs. One of the most popular options for the younger set is the unbundled broadband plans, which is also called Naked DSL. There are still many people who do not know about this plan, while others think that this is a cheap plan that will not offer much in terms of service and connectivity. It is actually a plan that provides you with ADSL broadband connectivity without paying for a home line. The Internet service passes through the same copper wire connection that is used to provide home phone service from the telephone exchange into a residence. There are many benefits to the naked broadband plan and here they are.

Simply Internet service

If you only need broadband Internet service and have no use for a home phone, this is the plan for you. You do not have to pay phone line rental and still have great Internet speed for all your streaming, downloading, browsing or gaming needs.

Make and receive calls

With Naked DSL, you can still make and receive calls like an ordinary home phone line using VOIP. You can also choose a unbundled broadband plan that will allow you to connect your phone to your modem, so you can make and receive calls without paying extra. That means additional savings for you. This is an option and there are packages that do not include this service if you mainly use your mobile to make and receive calls.

Lower cost

Naked DSL uses the same copper phone line that’s used to connect a home phone. When you subscribe to Naked DSL, it will use that same line for Internet service only. The service will be passing through that same phone line, so you have to pay for renting it, but since you only will be using data, your monthly broadband Internet rental will definitely be lower.

At times you really have to think about the actual services you need and the actual service you should pay for when it comes to Internet connectivity. There are broadband plans that include everything, which comes with a price of course, but some of them are just wasted. On the other hand, there will be plans that may be very practical and within your budget but do not include the features that you actually need. Do take the time to shop around and compare broadband plans and find an ISP that provides all the features you need at the right price. When you only want Internet service, ensure that you have a physical phone line connection wherein the Internet-only service will be connected.