Why Studying Abroad Is A Good Idea


Looking for good colleges and studying opportunities? Why limit yourself to your country when you can study overseas! Yes there are numerous studying opportunities abroad that would not only enhance your skills but also give you the much needed exposure that boosts your career.

Contrary to popular belief, studying in a foreign institute is not all that expensive. There are scholarships and other discount options you can apply for which cover most of the expenses. Given below are some reasons that make studying overseas a good idea:

Better career opportunities

A degree from an established foreign institute or college can work wonders for your career. Not only does it teach you the much needed skills to shine out in the professional world but also looks pretty impressive on your resume. Companies all across the world are searching for fresh graduates from well-known institutes, students who are well-trained and groomed to adjust to the corporate environment.

Exposure to different cultures

Studying overseas opens you up to a wide array of customs and cultures. You get to meet people from all nationalities and beliefs; this widens your perspective and helps you understand the world better. From food, to traditions and history to the lifestyle…there is so much to know! Break free from your comfort zone and explore the many possibilities.

Get to learn foreign languages

Living in a foreign environment and interacting with different people also broadens your perspective of the world. You get to learn new customs and languages that can come in very handy in your future profession. Learning a foreign language increases your chances of getting a good job as companies are looking for professionals who are flexible to work overseas and are multilingual.

Extra technical skills that come pretty handy

Most students who study abroad enrol in other technical courses that wouldn’t have been available to them back in their native country. In addition to university classes, you can also take up some crash courses or part-time jobs to enhance your skills. Utilize your time and make the most of it, avail of the benefits offered by your university, it’ll help in the long run

The best places to study:

Now that you’ve made up your mind to study overseas, the next question is where to apply. There are so many universities that offer a wide variety of really interesting study programs and courses. Mentioned below are some countries that are much preferred among students:


A popular choice among students from all over the world, Canada offers an impressive student program and other social activities that encourage students to apply. It welcomes students from all nationalities and is very tolerant to different traditions and customs.

  • Centennial College and Carleton University (Canada’s Capital University) are among the top institutes
  • It’s easier to get a job with a good pay scale and work visa
  • Affordable accommodation and university charges
  • An exciting social life and interactions with other people.

United Kingdom

The centre of business and finance, the United Kingdom can also be called the global capital and hub of activity. A powerful country known for its deep-rooted traditions and mannerisms, Great Britain offers students much more than just a university degree. You get to explore its rich history, culture and varied customs. Home to some of the top universities of the world, the UK is pretty popular among students who are planning to study overseas.

  • King’s College London and Cardiff Metropolitan University are perhaps among the top research and MBA colleges worldwide
  • Offers a beautiful and diverse cultural experience
  • The pretty city offers reasonably priced accommodation

United States

The United States or more commonly referred to as America is the international superpower that is all the rage among students worldwide. Studying in the US offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the different cultures, customs and languages. Students can experience the picturesque landscapes, rich history as well as the modern metropolitan towns in the country. Also the impressive courses and wide range of professional opportunities are an added incentive for students to study at the United States

  • About 4000 universities spread across 50 states, including the well-known Ivy League (a group of 8 universities ranked among the top schools in the world)
  • Other universities such as Auburn University, Louisiana State University and Florida International University offer impressive student programs
  • Silicon Valley offers great employment opportunities for tech geeks
  • Also Los Angeles is a major hub for the entertainment industry

United Arab Emirates

Although UAE is not as popular as the other countries discussed above, it offers some of the most lucrative and profitable student courses. Dubai is among the top business bubs of the world and offers a diverse mix of cultures and customs. Learn different languages and explore the impressive infrastructure and commerce of the country. With over 120 colleges and universities including Jumeira University, Canadian University Dubai, and also New York University campuses where you can enrol.