Anyone doing online business or anyone who is just a user of the internet loves having the best experience. For business owners especially, anything that will improve service delivery and customer interactions is welcome. If you are in business, you will require tools to conduct efficient internal communications. There are many reliable and simple-to-use online services and tools that will provide better functionality to suit your business or online activities.

Some of the useful online services and tools that just make business and life in general better are as follows:

Email Services

There are many companies online that offer email services freely and those that offer emails with paid for personal domain names. Email communications, whether for business or personal purpose, have made life a lot easier.  They have resulted to many businesses becoming successful due to effective communication with their clients. Email services such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook and others have improved personal relationships.

Online Chat Services


Live chats have become common thanks to their instant messaging nature. Many site owners have introduced free online chat services for their businesses, and this has been known to increase conversion rates. There are also free options such as Skype, HipChat, Yahoo Messenger, and Gtalk and so on. There is nothing great like receiving an instant reply to a message from a person halfway across the world. It makes personal life and business better.

Online Forums

Online forums have helped many know the latest stuff on the internet and get useful advice on business or anything else. Many have discovered useful apps, online services and even websites that have helped them both personally and in their businesses. There are services like Google Alerts which have been known to help many business owners know when their company name, domain name or product name is mentioned in online forums. Many great online forums out there are valuable sources of information for many internet users.

Online Call Services

In the past, you will have required a telephone to call your clients, family or friends. Today, all you need is a computer or mobile device, a headset and a stable internet connection. There are free calls with video if you prefer, on platforms such as Facebook, Gmail chat, and other social media platforms. If you want cheap call rates, try Pennytel, Oztell, Google Voice and Skype. High-quality calls have never been as cheap and easily available as they are in these current technology times.

Social Media

There are many social media platforms out there. Businesses have greatly benefitted from the use of social media and carried out marketing campaigns that have produced impressive results. Personal lives have also been improved thanks to social media. People have landed jobs, lifelong friends, boosted their self-esteem, passed time and improved their public image from just using social media. With platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on, life has never gotten better. It also gets better with apps like Hootsuite which come with all the social media platforms featured and other exciting features.

The Online Tools

There are great online tools that most businesses cannot function without such as; HipChat for internal communications, Livechantinc for excellent customer communication, Oztell for hosted PABX and great VOIP service, Clockspot that has time clock calculator feature for managing timesheets in real time and finishing payrolls in minutes, Eyebeam for receiving and making calls online, Boomerang for Gmail and many others.

There are more tools and services online that many users have benefitted from. The above are just a few of the countless unknown ones available.

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