Non-Gimmicky Promotional Materials to Invest In

In a business age where communication moves at an incomprehensibly fast pace, and products and services easily overlap — marketing your company gets more competitive by the day. That’s why, perhaps now more than ever, it’s critical to your marketing success that you invest in viable promotional solutions. In other words: don’t waste company dollars on cheesy, unoriginal material that will be transparent to the potential client and overall detrimental to your bottom line.

Below are some time-tested marketing efforts combined with cutting-edge approaches that can help guide you in your next stellar marketing content campaign or giveaway.


Before there were e-blasts, banner ads and hash tags, there were good old-fashioned swag giveaways promoting a company’s brand. From the mundane (pens, ugh) to the swanky and customized (promotional USB flash drives) and edible (toffee, yum), tchotchkes have maintained a dependable marketing impact while incorporating new innovations along the way. While a trusted go-to for events or mailings, investing in swag can be a slippery budgeting slope if not executed properly.

People don’t want to see the same tired t-shirt or water bottle idea come through. To make any sort of lasting, client retention-worthy impression, the items must be creative, personable and, of course, brand focused. Are you trying to go green and in turn targeting eco-conscious consumers? Send out ‘Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit.” This conveys a thoughtful message, is different and useful, and if your company’s product is environmentally conscious, then it’s a hit all around. The key is to incorporate all three elements — creativity, usefulness, on-brand — for a successful giveaway campaign.


“Much of content and social media marketing relies on creating long-term, trustworthy relationships,” according to IMNOW Blog, which goes on to point out that, “Instead of exclusively posting your own blog content, send your blog posts and promotions to trusted friends and colleagues who can post the content for you (although as with all aspects of content marketing, be wary of abusing your friends’ generosity).”

The name of the game is luring your audience in with engaging and relatable content that contains applicable information, and is somehow connected to your brand. Once you’ve proven you are strapping readers with relevant, useful content they will be apt to revisit your channels. Ideally, others will be eager to share the content and the power of ‘word of mouth’ can take off.

Social Media

“One of the biggest false assumptions about using social media for marketing is that it doesn’t cost money and it’s fast,” said Amy Vernon, social marketing consultant and cofounder and CMO of in a Fast Company piece. Thankfully, there are ways to expedite the marketing beast that is social media, and it resides in getting ahead of any trends.

If only we could shake a social media magic eight ball to glean predictions for its ever-changing forecasts. Until someone like Zuckerberg comes up with such a tool, we must rely on our own insightful marketing devices in getting involved in the behemoth of an online conversation. This is achieved by building your channels before launch and becoming a preemptive source of information (re: content marketing). Connect with industry influencers by ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ their content for good social karma. Finally investigate what prospective consumers are discussing. What do they care about? What are they ‘liking’ or sharing? Speak to this and try to mimic once your social pages are up and running.

Standing out in today’s constant-changing and unforgiving business world doesn’t have to be overwhelming — or tackled with recycled, corny solutions. While some practices are historically proven to work and unavoidable for marketing success, they also call for brand tweaks, savvy twists to surprise and engage and ultimately compel someone to keep that piece of swag, read that blog, share that post and buy the goods because the aforementioned properly conveyed its worth.