How To Select the Perfect Domain Name

Owning your own digital URL is easier and cheaper than ever before, but for newcomers, it can be a confusing scenario. There are a variety of reasons as to why people register a domain name and this guide will cover the basics, which will enable you to begin the process of registering your very first domain name. Let’s get started.

Consider The Purpose For the Domain

Ask yourself this very question, because it’s very important to consider what your domain will be offering users who access it. For example, is it for a blog? How about a business? If you’re considering creating a personal blog, you might consider using your own name. For those wanting to create some kind of online business, this would need deeper considerations. A short and brandable name is where you want to move towards, because it allows your customers to easily reach your website.

Understand the different domain extensions

As you’re probably already aware, there are a variety of domain extensions, these are the ending to a domain, such as .COM – there are more available today than ever before. Take the .TV domain name as a prime example, which is often used by sites offering video related services. Another example would be the .IO domain extension, which is now used by game developers, allowing you to play .IO games, something you’ll be familiar with if you play Poki Games (the popular portal which has delivered the rise of such games). You should note, however, that .COM is generally considered as the best option, although, if your site is more localised, then you’d be better selection a local extension. These include .CA for Canada, .CO.UK for Britain, .CH for Switzerland, etc.

Select a Good Provider

Privacy is often an issue when purchasing a new domain name, and for this reason, it’s a good idea to register your domain with a company that has good privacy options. Newcomers will probably want other features, including webhosting and email, so you might want to shop around in order to find a good deal. GoDaddy is considered user-friendly and even has auctions from where you can purchase great names. Another tip is to search around for promotional codes, they’re usually easy to find, especially with GoDaddy – new customers can get a much better deal.

Characters You Can Use

This one is quite simple, you cannot use a pause, comma, and other related characters. However, you’re able to use the dash (-), which can be useful for those looking to separate a word from a brand. Although, it’s not recommended to use this because it can confuse users, and ultimately, it’s not user-friendly. Remember, keeping the name short and memorable is of the upmost importance.

This guide should have provided you with the necessary advice and details, allowing you to have your very own domain. If you have any questions, then feel free to leave them within the comment section which is located further down this page.