5 Great Ways To Improve Your PS4 Gaming Experience

It seems fair to say that the PS4 is undoubtedly the best console currently available. With Microsoft’s XBOX One failing to impress, sales are now showing that the majority of gamers are selecting Sony’s offering ahead of the alternative. The PS4 is a great console, but there are many ways for you to enhance this experience, this article takes a look over five. Let’s begin, shall we?

  • PS VR

It might not be available just yet, but it’s expected to bring a whole new aspect to the world of PlayStation. Starring at the TV doesn’t allow you into a first-person view within video game environments, but PS VR will do just this. One area that is exciting is the vast amount of games and modes that are already announced for the headset, plenty of content will be available from the off. Releasing this October, this will truly change the way in which many of us view games, quite literally.

  • Arcade Stick

Fighting games are awesome, especially those that provide that retro formula such as, Street Fighter V, for example. Whilst the DualShock 4 controller performs fantastically well for the majority of games, you’ll find that a PS4 arcade stick will deliver on every front, from your in-game performance to the feel and nostalgic appeal.

  • Go Trophy Hunting

Games provide their very own challenges, yet it’s the trophies which add a whole new dimension. As you’re probably aware, completing set tasks within a game unlock a variety of trophies. Think of it like an award, which is what it is, ultimately. Some are easy to achieve where as others can be very difficult, but once you’ve got them, you’ll feel very pleased indeed.

  • Get a Headset

Imagine watching a movie on mute, now imagine the same with a video game. Either way, it would be a very dull and frustrating experience. Audio plays a powerful role in how we perceive entertainment content. With that said, sometimes we aren’t able to have the TV on a loud setting, for family reasons. Nighthawks are sure to understand just what I’m talking about. Owning a quality headset doesn’t just bring amazing advantages when it comes to sound effects, but it allows you to enjoy explosive sounds without the expense of a family argument.

  • Download Apps and Content

There are many applications available within the PS Store, from here you’ll be granted access to a wealth of content. If you’re from Britain, then you might consider downloading the Sky app if you’re a subscriber to the service. New movies are available for all to enjoy at a very reasonable price – you can even watch a trailer before you rent or buy, which is very useful. Definitely head over to the store and explore the vast amount of content available.

What are your tips and recommendations? Feel free to leave your advice inside the comments box further down this page. Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll also be adding value to this article.