Top Mobile Games People Play In 2016

Considering that it almost didn’t exist a decade ago, mobile gaming has seen an incredible growth in the past years. In the 1990s, when the first mobile game – Snake, a basic, monochrome game on Nokia 6110 – hit the market, mobile gaming took its first step toward global success. It took small steps, though, since the phones of those times were not exactly suitable for playing games. Still, slowly but steadily, mobile games became a thing worth considering. And their evolution was boosted by the release of the iPhone, and the soaring of hardware power – and screen size – that followed. Today mobile gaming is an industry worth over $30 billion a year, and continuously growing to overtake other branches of the global gaming market. But what are people playing today? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Massively multiplayer games

We’ve come a long way since World of Warcraft, the first insanely successful massively multiplayer online game. Today we have tens of games to choose from, with many of them available for mobile play – or even mobile play only. Among the most successful mobile MMOs we find titles like Game of War: Fire Age, currently the top grossing iPhone game in the US, or Mobile Strike, a similar game from the same developer (Machine Zone), which keep fighting for the supremacy on the mobile gaming market.

Social puzzle games

When it comes to casual games, mobile is the undisputed leader of the gaming industry, overtaking desktop and consoles alike. All this thanks to a genre that apparently never goes out of style: puzzle games that run on social networks and smartphones alike. The best example would be Candy Crush,’s reactor game that is praised and cursed alike by its players – who keep returning to the game on a daily basis.

Candy Crush Saga is constantly among the top 10 grossing mobile games, along with other titles, like its sequel – Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Real money online games

The emerging HTML5 platform, as well as the growth of the smartphone screen, were beneficial to real money gaming operators like the All Jackpots Casino. Their players were looking for means to play their favorite games on the go, but the phones of the late 1990s and the early 2000s were simply not good enough for them. But all this changed in the late 2000s, when smartphones became really mainstream.

Smartphone casinos have seen an incredible growth in the last decade. The All Jackpots Casino has grown its game library from a handful of games to over 100 in just a few short years. And the quality of its games has grown as well. Today, all new games released at the All Jackpots Casino are multi-platform, meaning that they run on desktop and mobile devices alike.

The success of the All Jackpots Casino was made possible by developments on other fronts as well. Since real money casinos are trusted with personal and payment information, it is of the utmost importance for them to be as secure as possible. The last few years have seen massive development in the areas of mobile payments and mobile security, allowing the All Jackpots and its likes to offer never-before seen security and privacy on the go.

Social casinos

How about the countries where real money gaming is not available? Well, they have the next best thing: social casino games. These casual titles have also seen a massive growth lately, especially on the iPhone, in the US. According to Statista, social casinos like Slotomania and Big Fish Casino are constantly among the top grossing iPhone games in the US, along with several other titles – like Zynga’s Hit it Rich! Casino Slots, or IGT’s DoubleDown Casino.

According to Statista’s numbers, both Big Fish Casino and Slotomania generate revenues around $200,000 for their publishers each day.

Other game types

Puzzles, MMOs, social games and casino games are clearly dominating the mobile gaming market, but there are many other genres that are very popular, too. Smartphones are very versatile when it comes to gaming, and developers constantly push their limits and experiment with new game formats.

Minecraft, this Microsoft-owned sandbox hit, is constantly at the top of the stats both on Android and on the iPhone. Virtual pets, like My Talking Tom, are also very popular, and the same goes for the Dash & Dodge type of games, like Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash, and their likes. But the list wouldn’t be complete without skill-based games, like Fruit Ninja or Cut the Rope, shooters, racing games, card games, flight simulators, and augmented reality games like Ingress, with a huge – and dedicated – fan base all around the world.

Mobile games have grown at an insane pace in the last decade, and they will continue to do so in the coming years.