Top Four Mobile Website Builders 2016

Did you know, that in 2016 more visitors are likely to access your website through mobile devices than they are through a desktop or laptop computer?

With that knowledge in mind, it’s never been more important to invest in a mobile optimised website.

Sounds complicated? Thankfully, it isn’t.

The good news, is that whilst most website builders have focussed on creating desktop sites first with mobile optimisation serving as something of an afterthought, a number of companies have burst onto the scene in recent years which do the exact opposite; providing a quick and simple way to make attractive, functional, and professional looking websites with mobile audiences in mind. Even if your starting your first site it’s critical that you build your site to mobile standards.

If you’ve already got a website up and running, you’re likely to find a number of these tools bundled in with your web hosting, though if you’re starting from scratch, it’s well worth noting that some of them do provide their services right out of the box, with no need to invest in your own hosting.

We’ll discuss this more in detail as we take a look at just four of the best mobile website builders currently on the market in 2016.

Available as both a stand-alone service and as an add-on provided by a number of shared hosting companies, makes building attractive, powerful mobile websites both effortless and enjoyable.

At an average of $9 per month, it may not be the cheapest platform around, but in this writer’s opinion, you really do get great value for money, especially with a free Top Level Domain Name included in the price if you sign up directly through the website.

The pre-designed templates rival anything you’d pay top dollar for from a professional web developer, and are highly customisable to fit in with your brand.

The user-interface is very reminiscent of’s drag-and-drop website editor, and comes with a number of useful tools catering to specific businesses, such as customisable menus and reservation booking systems for restaurants and bars.

Like many of the tools on this list, can be used to either build a website from scratch or convert your existing website into one that’s mobile optimised.


Unlike, GoMobi isn’t available as a service through the platforms official website, instead requiring you to invest in a web hosting package and activate it through your control panel. In some ways, this actually works out to be a more affordable option, with iPage currently offering the service for less than $2 which, even when you add in regular web hosting fees, works out less than

For a low cost option then, GoMobi does work out well, and produces mobile websites which -whilst they aren’t necessarily outstanding- are of a decent quality. In this writer’s opinion, this makes it a better option for those who already own a desktop website but need a simple tool to help create a mobile version, something you can do with GoMobi simply by typing in the URL of your existing website and selecting the ‘Build from Desktop’ option to convert your site.


Based in Bolton, England, Mobelio comes priced at £9 GPB per month, which works out at roughly $13 USD. So far, this makes it the most expensive option on our list. On the plus side however, it does work as a stand-alone service, meaning you don’t need to pay for web hosting on top of the monthly subscription fees.

Unlike many of its competitors, Mobelio doesn’t offer pre-designed templates which you can then customise to your liking. Rather, it utilises drag-and-drop functionality to allow you to build your website from the ground up. Though this may not be ideal for those with no prior web design experience, it does offer a greater amount of flexibility to build a truly unique website rather than something which looks similar to many others out there.

A decent effort, though one I’m far more likely to recommend to more advanced users than first-time website owners.

Wix Mobile

Wix is a drag-and-drop website builder which probably needs no introduction. Around for a good number of years now, the service has emerged as one of the world’s most popular site creator thanks to its very attractive, mobile-optimised templates and beginner-level approach to editing.

Though this may be the only platform on our list which focusses on desktop, it deserves a mention for being -in my opinion- the easiest website builder to get used to, and because those mobile optimised templates offer a quality which far surpasses anything else on the list.

With plans starting from around $5 per month (plus the cost of a domain name), Wix is competively priced, though if there’s one thing that prevents it from being featured higher in our list, it’s that it doesn’t offer quite the same level of flexibility nor the same ammount of customisable options as the likes of and GoMobi.

For sheer user-friendliness alone now, this one is well worth a look for those new to building a website.