Top Five Key Benefits Of Using Virtual Mailbox Or Office

If you are planning to set up a new small business from home and want to spread your activities to a larger world than a small office room, virtual office or virtual mailbox may be the ultimate solution for you. It will save your money as well. Your client will not understand that you are working from your home as the virtual office looks like a normal office.

What is a virtual mailbox or virtual office? Virtual mailbox is great for you if you work from your home. You can enjoy all the benefits of an office worker from home actually. The less hectic schedule makes you more productive as well. Apart from these, the virtual mailbox will help in case if you get lots of deliveries that need to be signed. The virtual mailbox will work as a representative of you in this condition.

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In this modern era, you don’t even need to buy or rent an office for your start-up company. Instead of booking office space, buying office furniture, equipment, phone, computers and fax systems, why don’t you try virtual office with all these advantages like an actual office? It will not cost very high and really affordable for your small budget plan. Spend a couple of dollars per day and you can get all the components of a serious business that includes a live assistant to receive phone calls, personalized voice mail, a dedicated business line, dedicated fax line and much more.

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Five Benefits Of Using Virtual Mailbox Or Office To Your Business

1. A dedicated local telephone number: You will get an identifiable local area code business number that will draw local customers easily. Customers will be happy to get a local number as it is more trustworthy than unrecognized area code to them.

2. Corporate mailing address: Having a corporate mailing address is necessary for any business, and you are no exception. It is the key component in the business credit building process. Lenders can identify the location and operation of your business. You will receive customized voice mail boxes as well. It will improve your interaction with your consumers.

3. A live receptionist for you: A professional live receptionist will receive all phone calls on behalf of you and answer them efficiently. It shows the seriousness and depth of your business operation.

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4. Employees are more active: Working in your virtual office, employees are easily more active and productive. They manage their work time, keep mind free when needed and be more productive. Otherwise, you can monitor how your employees are working and filter them out. It means your employees will try to give their best to stick to your company and indirectly it will increase productivity.

5. Reduces wastage of time: Generally employees have to spend more than three or four hours every day traveling to their office. Being a worker of the virtual office or mailbox, they don’t really need to tolerate hectic journey or daily traveling. Employees can save their time and can be more focused towards their duties.

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How And Where To Start Getting A Virtual Mailbox Or Virtual Office?

1. City Address

The “City Address” is a great solution for home based business, freelance workers, start-up companies, field sales representatives and for personal small business. The “City Address” doesn’t use unit, box, suit or office numbers to provide you a more professional look.

“City Address” promises you to provide a service according to your specific requirements. You can have a secure and confidential alternative email address with “City Address” rental services when you need. They will set up automatic email alerts and inform you that you have new mail to be checked. “City Address” is 100% secure and confidential.

2. Scanmypost

Scanmypost is an economical virtual mailbox service. This will give you a unique, geographical and physical address that can be used for a whole year. Scanmypost also scans up to 5 pages of a post at a very reasonable rate. They don’t have any minimum contract term. If you want, you can cancel it at any time.

You can even choose for junk mail that will be automatically discarded to keep the costs down. Scanmypost is an affordable, secure virtual mailbox service to help you receiving physical post, alert you by email, scan it and store those items online for you.

3. myUKmailbox

myUKmailbox promises you a safe, secure and affordable mail forwarding service. It is available to people throughout the world. To get your own street address, sign up and enjoy their services. myUKmailbox will deliver emails or packages to you anywhere in the world. With myUKmailbox, you not only get personal UK street address, but you can also forward international packages and shop at any UK store online.

Moreover, they provide the service at very reasonable rate, and they are pretty fast to perform their duties. They use correctly sized boxes and recycle them whenever possible. They follow environmental friendly rules and ensure you to deliver your items without any damage.

4. Regus

With Regus, you don’t need to be an owner of an office. Their mail forwarding and controlling service can give you a prestigious professional image. You can use their service in any of 3000 locations worldwide. This will increase your popularity as well as global presence.

Regus will sign your mail on behalf of you and transfer it to your primary location. Regus is providing professional receptionist for managing your mail, received packages and store them safely. You can have a meeting room or video conferencing facilities through Regus.

5. Expost

If you are searching for a UK postal address for your personal correspondence, expost may be the solution. Unique accommodation address provided by expost that is fully accepted by all couriers, banks, authorities and on-line retailers. They will forward your mail daily when needed.

Expost will handle your packages and parcels safely and will not charge extra cost. When you are registered, you can log in to your mailbox and control your emails in real time as well.