How To Optimize And Clean PC With Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

While whether using a registry cleaner helps speed up your PC is controversial, one thing you need to know is that there are lots of unneeded registry entries accumulates over time. If we leave alone these invalid registry entries without deleting or repairing them, your computer may suffer unexpected crash or error.

Hence, you can choose a reliable registry cleanup tool to clean safely and fix your Windows registry problems.

Here we recommend you a top rated and free registry cleaner for your Windows PCs, called Tenorshare Windows Care Genius. It’s compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

This free registry cleaner comes with a free registry cleaner feature and other advanced optimization tools for your Windows operating system.

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An Easy Way To Free Remove Errors And Junk Files From Registry

In order to clean your Windows registry entries as well as optimize your PC, download the Windows Care Genius and install it. After installing the application, open it on your Windows PC, and you will see a green “Checkup” button in the center of the program. Just click this button to check your Windows OS to analyze the overall state.

PC Healthy Checkup

Wait for a while and your computer diagnosis is completed. It will show you a PC Health Index rate. The lower the index point is, the more issues your Windows computer has. Scroll down to registry section – you can preview invalid registry entries and useless registry junk.

registry entries cleanup

To fix these issues on your computer, click “Fix” button. The program will start to delete all invalid registry entries, and other useless files permanently. Your Windows PC performance shall be largely improved.

pc health index point

So, with a few clicks, you can easily gain better performance and optimize your Windows registry.

Other Things You Can Do With Windows Care Genius

Sometimes you may find out that cleanup and optimize Windows registry didn’t help much to speed up your Windows PC. We would recommend you to follow these best PC optimizer tricks to gain a better performance for your Windows computer.

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In “System Cleaner” section of the Windows Care Genius application, you can clean up your system from four big parts. Each of the parts can scan in-depth and show you all problems and useless files.

Windows System Cleaner

Take “Registry Cleaner” for an example – Windows Care Genius scans all registry entries on your Windows PC and lists problematic entries that may lead to program runs abnormally: crash or error.

In “Common Cleaner” section, it will help to improve computer running speed through deleting useless files and traces on the computer.

Common Cleaner

The “Advanced Cleaner” allows you to scan and clean files with specific extensions on specific drives.Advanced Cleaner

There are more things you can do to speed up your slow Windows computer and secure your privacy or monitor Windows system with Windows Care Genius. It integrates different optimization utilities within the program. Hence it is convenient and easy to operate.