How To Recover Your Windows Password For UEFI-Based Acer Computer?

Did you forget or lose admin Windows password for your UEFI-based Acer PC? Did you know how to get into and boot your UEFI-based computer up? Or do you want to bypass Windows password on your Acer computer with UEFI-based mode?

If you are nodding in front of the computer, keep on reading this guide to know how to recover the administrator password on Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 for UEFI-based Acer PCs, including the Aspire 1, S7, V3, V5, V13or 15.

Before going to reset and recover your Windows password, you have to download and install Windows Password Recovery first. That is one of the most trustworthy password recovery software so far.

Part 1: Burn Bootable USB Drive For Protected UEFI-Based Acer Computer

1. After installing the software, you have downloaded above, run the program and select “Default ISO Image” on the tap. Next, insert a blank USB to your computer and click “Burn”.

how to recover Windows password?

Please Note: You can use CDs or DVDs to burn your bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive to boot up your computer.

2. After the burn process is successful, just click “OK” to finish the process.

Burn bootable drive for Windows PC

Part 2: Boot UEFI-Based Acer Computer With Password Reset Drive

1. Firstly, insert the USB drive or CD/DVD that you have created in the part #1 into protected Acer computer, and then boot it up. After that, change the boot settings in the BIOS to boot your Acer computer from the USB drive, or CD/DVD, depending on which type of the bootable drive you are using.

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2. Immediately press “F2” or “Delete” to enter the BIOS setup on your Acer computer. Next, tap the right arrow key to move to “Authentication” tab. When “Secure Boot” is highlighted, press “Enter” and move down, choose “Disable” and then press “Enter” again.

Secure Boot Windows

3. If you cannot find the UEFI mode in your BIOS, try to go to “Boot Options” tab and disable it. Highlight Launch CSM, press the “Enter” key and down arrow to select “Always”.

launch CSM Windows BIOS

4. In “Boot Priority Order”, change the 1st boot device to Removable Device (USB Drive) and press “Enter”. Finally, press “F10” to save changes and get out of the BIOS setup.

Change boot priority order in BIOS

Part 3: Restore/Reset Lost Windows Password For UEFI-Based Acer Laptop/PC

1. Now you enter primary interface, and all usernames on your Windows computer are displayed one by one. Pull down Select Windows Installation in where your password was set.

Reset Windows password with software

2. Select the Windows user that you want to recover the password and click Reset. Once you reset the password for your UEFI-Based Acer, click OK to close the pop-up window and then tap Reboot to restart your PC. Then you can enter your Acer without any password.

Windows password resetted

Even though you do not need to worry about how to reset the password for your UEFI-Based Acer computer anymore since you own Windows Password Recovery, you would better remember it deeply to avoid unnecessary troubles.  It’s one of the most popular rescue programs to help you recover lost Windows password on PCs.

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This guide can also help you to reset your Windows password on other PCs. There would be a few differences when to change settings in your BIOS, but most are the same.

If you have any question or need further help, you are welcomed to leave it under the comment section or ask us through email.