How Do Computer Viruses Affect Your Business

It’s difficult to keep track of the real number of existing viruses in the world right now. Research show that there are tens of millions of virus of different types.

A virus can affect your computer through visiting infected sites, opening infected email attachments or sharing files and images. Antivirus software can detect simple virus or variations of existing ones but not all of them have multiple layers of detection and are effective enough to identify them.

Not only you should have the latest updates and antivirus tools, but you should also stay informed about recent threats and run your computer as a standard user.

antivirus tools and PC diagnostics tools

Since viruses are programmed just to harm your computer, the consequences are going to be immediate and irreversible most of the times. The computer virus is going to disrupt the performance of the system, delete your files, reformat hardware and software and debilitate the memory of the computer. You’re probably going to notice this because of the frequent crashes.

Since the virus replicates easily and can infect other files and folders really fast, it can cause major losses to any business or major company. Amongst the consequences, we can find losing around 70% of productivity and 40% of company data.

Specialists can help you by running a series of hardware and software diagnostics to determine the nature of the fault. Thanks to advanced PC diagnostic tools, professionals will be able to diagnose and offer the right solution to reverse the spread of the virus.


You just have to check some of the most famous viruses in computing history: Storm Trojan, Melissa, My Doom, Sasser, Anna Kournikova, Morris and Concept, I love you, Slammer, Nimda, Conficker…
They could seem innocent sounding words, but the truth is that they affected millions of users and cost the governments millions of dollars to remove.

It doesn’t exist an established way to name viruses. In the past, the name would be based on the file name of the attached document, such as “ILOVEYOU”, or after the name of the celebrity who you are promised naked pictures of, like “Anna Kournikova”.

All this is essential to ensure that the information is secure, which is basic if your business is done over the internet. As we mentioned before, computer viruses can create minor damage or severe destruction, and this can cause significant financial losses for any company.

If you don’t want to be one of the 75 percents of small and medium-sized companies affected by a computer virus this year, you should warn staff members, so they are aware of the dangers on the internet.