Get A Glimpse Of Google Pixel C

Tablets fail to conquer the mobile computing world, which left the tech giants scrambling to know or find out what consumers really like in between their desktop computers and smartphones. For this reason, many manufacturers created something like a hybrid tablet device. It’s one that can be used as a mobile and acts a desktop computer at the same time.

One of these tablets, the latest gadget, comes from the popular tech giant Google, and it is called Pixel C. There are different things about Pixel C that are very fascinating, yet the most interesting part of it’s that this is the first tablet developed and designed entirely by Google. Instead of partnering with another hardware manufacturer, Google chose to build Pixel C alone, and it chose a hybrid tablet for their very first solo mission. It is also clear for Google, the largest among them, don’t see the device as a niche, yet a player in the future world of mobile computing.

Google Pixel C


Probably, the biggest asset of Pixel C is its hardware. Both of build and design quality, Pixel C is exceptional. It comes with an aluminum build, which brings it to the same level as the Apple iPad after spending much of its existence being considered inferior when it comes to building quality.

Another great thing about Pixel C is its side-firing speakers. While they do not rival a Bluetooth speaker and lack a bit of clarity, they are better and louder than what you will find in the majority of tablets even those that have premium price ranges. In comparison to speakers, the cameras on Pixel C are not really something that will excite you. Both its front and rear cameras are fine.


Since Google designs pixel C, it comes with a notable, industrial design that is not influenced by the design and manufacturing capabilities of another tech giant. It contrasts with the strategy of Google for their Nexus tablets that has partnered with another manufacturer for the device’s manufacture and design. However, like most people presumed, Pixel C isn’t a Chrome OS device like other Pixel devices. Since it is a tablet, it comes with an Android platform.

System Performance

Google Pixel C Android tablet

Pixel C takes pride of being powered by Tegra X1 SoC of NVIDIA. It’s technically not the first time that X1 was used for an Android device, yet it is the first time that was utilized for a tablet or mobile device. This hardware’s implementation allows the device to deliver 1.91GHz.

Battery Life and Charging

Pixel C’s battery is the same as other tablets available in the market. However, you have to be patient with its charging time. Though it’s quicker than others and you don’t need to charge it overnight, you still have to wait for several hours to use Pixel C again.

Should You Get One?

Well, Pixel C is no doubt one of the quality made tablets in the market today. If you want something that comes with great performance and good design, Pixel C of Google is worth a try.