Five Free Websites To Download Stock Images

You might not know that images are an important thing with all of us. We saw it every day and use it in many aspects, such as creating a web page, slide or an article. Along with the quality content, you need to improve the quality of your slide or article by adding several relevant images to it.

You know, we can find and download a lot of images on Google Images. You may save those images to your computer, but you can’t use it on your slide, web page or article because it’s not allowed by owner.

Today, in this article, we will share you five places to find and download images for free with all rights to use on your projects, including slides, e-books, web pages, articles or any places you want.

Websites To Find And Download Free Stock Images

1. Pixabay


It’s the first website on our list and is also our favorite place to find free images to use on many articles. We found this website two years ago and since then we are using it to find and download needed images.

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On Pixabay, you can find your wanted images in many categories, from animal, business, health, natural, technology, travel and many more. Just enter your keyword, click search icon and download the image you want. It has over 600,000 free stock photos, vectors, and art illustrations. Along with photos, you can also download short videos on Pixabay for free. Just select “video” category and search with your keyword.

On Pixabay, you can select among of many sizes of images to download. The quality of images is up to 3,000 × 2,000 pixels, but you can choose the smaller to download.

Pixabay Images Download Sizes

Visit here to find and download free images.

2. Gratisography

Gratisography is also a good place to find free images and use on your projects. Not like Pixabay, on, you are unable to select the size of images to download. By clicking on the image, it will download the image to your computer.

Gratisography has several categories, including animal, natural, objects, people, urban and whimsical. If you are looking for other categories, you should go to Pixabay instead of Gratisography.

Visit here to find and download your wanted images.

3. Flickr


Flickr is also our favorite website to find and download free images to use on our projects. It has a lot of free images on many topics. Just enter your keyword, press “Enter” to search, click on the license drop-down list and select “Commercial use allowed”.

However, if you want to use these images, you have to insert credit link back to Flickr.

Flickr Copyrights

4. FreeRangeStock


You can easily find and download free images on FreeRangeStock to use for personal or commercial purposes. They suggest you would insert a credit link to FreeRangeStock if possible. But it’s not required, and you can use the image as uncredited.

Before downloading any image, you have to sign up an account and then will be able to download any image you want.

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This website also has a revenue sharing program, which allows you to upload your images and earn money from Google Adsense. Read more about this revenue sharing here.

Like other websites above (except Pixabay), FreeRangeStock doesn’t offer you to select sizes of images to download.

5. StockSnap


StockSnap is also a good place to find and download your wanted images for any of your purposes. According to the license page of StockSnap, you can copy, modify, distribute all images, even for commercial use, without asking permission.

It’s offering a lot of free images with high resolution. Just enter your keyword to search and download to use.

Visit the website here.

We hope after reading this article – you will have more places to find and download free images for your projects, both personal and commercial purposes.

Most of these websites don’t allow you to select a specific size of images to download. You can download the image, resize it and reduce the size of the image to make it lighter.

If you know any other place to download free images, let us know, and we will update the list.