10 Benefits Of Having A Toll Free Number For Your Business

Communication is key for any business to build its name. Be it customers or promising prospects, having a toll free number adds to the value and credibility your company.

Toll-free numbers make it easier for clients and other businessmen to contact you free of cost at any time. Ease and convenience in one phone number, how about that? But what exact toll-free number is and how does it work? You may want to read this article from FCC.gov to learn more about toll-free number.

Yes! A toll-free number is an invaluable tool that is worth the effort of acquiring one. Need a little more convincing?

Here are ten benefits of having a toll free number for your business.

1. Customers Will See You In A Good Light

Providing your clients the ability of calling you free of charge sends out a clear message that you value your communication with them. According to the research that conducted at “Henley Research Centre” showed that 68% of customers felt that businesses that have a toll free number value their customers more than those who don’t have a toll free number.

Another research conducted by “Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM)” showed that having a toll free number increased response rates by almost 185%. If a majority of customers use landline numbers, removing the cost barrier will generate more calls and leaves absolutely no reason not to call you.

2. Accurately Measure The Impact Of Advertising

With the help of toll-free numbers, you can measure the impact that the area of advertisement has on your business. Using a unique toll-free number on newspaper advertisement, magazine advertisement, website or even on the business card allows you to track which form has the most impact and perhaps change the advertising budget accordingly.

All of those numbers may redirect to a single number for ease, but the statistics provided by each of the inbound numbers provides a clarity of what extra steps need to be taken to get the most out of your advertising budget.

3. Help Your Business Stand Out

Standing out from the crowd of competitors is mandatory for a business to thrive and toll-free numbers are just the tool you need. It might seem like a simple method but having a toll-free number that is easy to remember makes customers more prone to call you in the case of queries.

Easy numbers are etched into customer’s memory without effort. Seeing your advertisement on TV or newspapers requires, at least, the thirty-second attention to your company and the number is involuntarily read and remembered.

4. Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Toll-free numbers improve customer service and customer satisfaction by being able to attend their calls and provide clarity to their queries quickly and efficiently.

It’s common knowledge that customer satisfaction by improving customer service is the ticket to loyalty from clients and results in spreading your company name by word of mouth through recommendations to their near and dear ones.

5. Omnipresent And Portable

Toll-free numbers allow you to take your business anywhere. It allows your business to grow into a national presence and can be recognized by a large target audience. Permitting national customers to access your online business through toll-free numbers helps the expansion and growth of your company that much faster.

The portability provided by toll-free numbers are a convenience to you, you clients and your customers. The toll-free number can be set to forwarding calls to a new number, and you are ready to go.

6. Image Of Credibility

A toll-free number adds a touch of professionalism to your online business and provides the image of credibility, which is bound to entice customers and clients alike.

Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that enables interaction between humans and computers via telephone will help in getting more customer reviews and processing more requests than manually attending calls.

7. Cost Effective

cost efficient

Toll-free numbers are easy and affordable to set up for startups and small businesses. Printing phone numbers and hard copies of marketing advertisements cost a fortune. Imagine having to reprint all of it just to change the phone number. Well, you won’t have to, if you have a toll free number that will last you for a lifetime.

8. Reduce Product Returns

Owning a toll-free number for your business reduces the number of product returns by providing a free line of communication to resolve any issues that may occur. The ’round the clock’ customer service provided helps to make this even more effective and eliminate any time restrictions in clearing queries of fixing issues with the product. This availably and support shown by your business helps in creating a long-term relationship with customers.

9. Target Customers Based On Location


Area code routing is a feature of toll-free numbers that route calls to different centers based on where the customer is calling. This feature allows companies that have state-specific features to target their primary customers. Area code routing also helps in reducing call rates by having certain callers answered out-of-state if interstate calls are less expensive.

10. International Reach With The Same Number

Direct Toll-Free Service is the new talked about feature in toll-free numbers that allow toll-free service internationally with the same number that is currently used. A variation of the same feature allows companies to provide a toll-free number to customers and route all of the international calls to a call center.