Top 10 Windows Mobile Apps For Photo Editing

The majority of Windows Phone market is dominated by Lumia phones where most of the high-end models are well equipped with Zeiss lenses.

There is no doubt about the fact that Microsoft Lumia phones come along with amazing camera lenses. So once you have any of these Windows Phones, it’s best to install photo editing apps to enhance the picture quality.

We all know why we need this – to share beautifully captured memories on social media. Let’s look at the top 10 Windows mobile app for photo editing.

10. Lumia Selfie

Lumia Selfie Mobile App

This Windows’ photo editing app is specific to Lumia devices aimed at enhancing selfies. Here are our handpicked features which are innovative enough to brush up your selfie:

  • One touch Bluetooth for selfie stick: Designed especially for taking selfies, Lumia Selfie comes with the option to integrate Bluetooth with selfie stick – making it easy for users to take selfies.
  • Exclusive filters: This comes along with special selfie filters like magazine, pop, and poster.
  • Timer: Comes with the timer to choose from two, five, or 10 seconds.


9. 4Effects

4Effects Mobile App For Photo Editing

A relatively new way to add effects to the images. What makes this Windows app special is its unique feature which divides into four parts so that you can edit each one of them. Take a look at these unique features

  • 40+ effects: Packaged with a broad range of effects to choose with, 4Effects offers more than 40 effects to apply to the picture.
  • 20 Layouts: 4Effects comes with numerous layouts giving choice to its users for different images.
  • Segmented Editing: You can use effects and manually redesign the whole image by editing four parts of a single image.


8. Collages Maker

Collages Maker Photo Editing App For Windows 10 Mobile

One of the easiest, fun involved, and beautiful way to make collages on your Windows phone. Mobile app development companies are nowadays offering multi-language interactivity, and this app supports eight languages.

  • Image specific effects: Users have liberty to edit each image in the collage.
  • Text feature: Users get an option to select the tile size for each image for collage.
  • Tile size: Users get an option to choose the tile size for each image for a collage.


7. Photo Editor Pro+

Photo Editor Pro+

This app is perfect if you are looking for some easy, fast and efficient way to edit pictures. The uniqueness of Photo Editor Pro lies in:

  • Free, Ad-free: Yes, this is a free download app which comes ad-free. It allows continuous user interaction in a creative way
  • Filter options: Be sure to get thrilled by the range and types of filters offered by Photo Editor Pro
  • On-touch social sharing: Spread out your social antenna when you use this app. It allows users to share the edited pictures easily on any of the integrated social media platforms.


6. Windows Camera

Windows Camera App

This one is loaded with manual editing options and ease-of-use touch points. A perfect in-camera supported Windows app offers stunning features:

  • Auto mode: Allows capturing the image without changing settings – beautifully.
  • Manual Edit: For clicking a picture, manual settings like focus, aperture settings, ISO, etc. 


5. Photo Edit Master

Photo Editor Master Photo Editing App For Mobile

Photo Editor Master is a beautifully designed app which can make you go mad by its UI. But apart from ease-of-use and its functionality what makes this windows photo edit app so successful is:

  • Collage option: Though not a collage app, but it still allows you to edit images and make a collage out of it.
  • Watermark option: Shot like a pro! Watermark it with Photo Edit master. This app offers easy watermarking options
  • Brush settings: It comes with an edit brush to glow up your image with more customized spacing, jitters, scatters, etc.


4. GOOTile Photo Editor HD

GooTile Photo Editor HD App

Not only this comes with a variety of image-edit options, but this app can also create an amazing canvas. It’s pre-loaded with features like:

  • Beautify: Equipped with various beautification tools like Whitening, Polishing, acneremoval, etc.
  • Photo Frames: Users can choose from a wide range of photo frames for their pictures.
  • Resolution support: You can import the raw image from your DSLR and edit using GOOTile Photo Master. It supports image file up to 21MB.


3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photo Express Photo Editor

Clearly one of the best and renowned photo edit app for Windows phone. This on-the-go photo edit app comes with:

  • One touch Auto-fix: This A.I drove option can easily fix up your image, automatically.
  • Noise Reduction: Empower your low-light image with noise reduction options. Lets you manually set the reduction filters.


2. OneShot

OneShot Photo Editing App For Mobile

One of the best in UX photo editing app for Windows phone is OneShot. Get real-time filters effect change while you try to apply the filter to the image. OneShot’s brilliance lies in:

  • Voice Commands: It comes with Voice commands for applying changes to a picture.
  • Fun Effects: Not only you can do some serious editing, but it is also possible to add mirror effects or play around with mono colors with OneShot.
  • GPS tagging: Allow ‘location sharing’ from your phone and OneShot’s GPS tagging option will automatically let you tag location on social media beforehand.


1. PICSART – Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio

Proving that photo app is more than just filters, this app allows you complete control over your pictures. This highly rated and most downloaded windows photo edit mobile app includes:

  • Community sharing: State of the art users shares their pictures on global community with PICSART.
  • Professional tools: The ones which you use in PC’s Photoshop like brush art, shape masks, clone tool, crop tool, etc. are there at the user’s disposal.
  • Drawing suite: Integrate your overlay images with picture and make use of stickers, layers, and other art brushes. Giving you the option to customize your own brushes.