How To Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing Error On Windows

Some days ago, we received an email from a user, who asked us about solutions to fix the “BOOTMGR is missing” error.

He said this error show up when he boot up the computer after restoring it from a Windows backup image.

We know that many users are getting this error daily. So we write this article to help you and other users to fix it, avoid to lose data on your Windows computer.


BOOTMGR is also known as Windows Boot Manager, and its job is to control Windows boot volume, helps to launch winload.exe when your computer starts to load the Windows OS. “BOOTMGR is missing” error only occurs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. It’s not available on Windows XP.

The “BOOTMGR is missing” error may appear on your PC in a different form of messages, such as:

  • “BOOTMGR is missing – Press any key to restart.”
  • “BOOTMGR is missing – Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart.”
  • “Couldn’t find BOOTMGR.”

What Are Causes of BOOTMGR Is Missing Errors?

bootmgr is missing

There are several of possible reasons that lead to BOOTMGR errors, such as corrupted boot volume files, misconfigured files, hard disk drive issues, operating system upgrade problems, an outdated BIOS, bad hard disk drive sectors, and damaged hard drive cables.

You can also see the BOOTMGR errors if your computer tries to boot from a partition on the HDD (hard disk drive) or a flash drive, which isn’t configured to be booted. In other words, your computer tries to boot from an unbootable source.

Ways To Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing Error On Windows

Fixing “BOOTMGR is missing” error is not too hard. But we don’t have any tool to analyze the system and determine the exact cause. You need to try all methods to help you resolve the issue.

The first method you should try is removing all connected USB drives from your computer. You know, when a computer starts, it will find all bootable devices that connected to it and may use it as a bootable partition, depends on how the BIOS configure of your computer is.

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So, if you have plugged any bootable CD/DVD, external hard dive or USB flash drive, you need to unplug it from your computer.

If you are on a desktop computer and using a cable to connect your hard disk to the computer’s motherboard, you should check this cable to make sure it’s still good. The simplest method to test the cable still works or not is go to BIOS Settings and check if your hard drive in there or not.

Use Windows Startup Repair To Fix Boot Volume

If this issue occurs on your computer because the boot volume is corrupted, you have to repair it to get your computer back to normal. To start repair Windows boot volume, you need to have Windows Installation Disc or USB ready.

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Reboot your computer and press  F8 or F12 in the POST screen to enable Boot Settings. In the next screen, select to boot your computer from this disc / USB flash drive.

After the bootup process is done, the “Install Windows” will show up, select “Language“, “Time and currency“, and “Keyboard“, and then click on the “Next” button.

Install Windows 7

In the next screen, click on “Repair your computer“, select your OS version and click on the “Next” button.

Install Windows 7 Part 2

Windows 7: In the “System Recovery Options” window, select “Startup Repair” to start Windows Startup Repair. It will automatically scan and repair the Windows system.

System Recovery Options

Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10: After clicking on “Repair your computer“, choose “Troubleshoot“, and then “Advanced options“.

Advanced Options On Windows 10

Now, select “Automatic Repair” (Windows 8, 8.1) or “Startup Repair” (Windows 10) to start to repair your computer.

Once it’s completed, it will ask you to reboot the computer. The error should be fixed.

Write A New Boot Sector Partition In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 And Windows 10

If the “boot sector” partition is misconfigured or corrupted, your Windows computer won’t be able to boot up properly, and shows the “BOOTMGR is missing” error during the bootup process. You can fix this issue by writing a new boot sector partition.

But how to do that?

On Windows 7, access to “System Recovery Options” (we have mentioned in the above method) and select Command Prompt.

On Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, from the “Repair your computer” step above, select “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced options” > “Command Prompt“.

At the “Command Prompt” window, type: bootrec /fixboot and then press Enter. The message: “The operation completed successfully.” should be appeared. Reboot your computer by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and you will be able to boot your computer up again.

bootrec /fixboot

Notes: You may need to remove the Windows installation disc or bootable USB flash drive from your computer before restarting.

Additional, if the BCD (Boot Configuration Data) store is missing, misconfigured or corrupted, Windows will not be able to boot too. And the “BOOTMGR is missing” error message will appear on your screen. To resolve the problem, you can read this article to help you rebuild the BCD on Windows OS.

Restore Your Windows Computer To Resolve The BOOTMGR Error

You know, damaged Windows system files lead to many errors, one of them are the “BOOTMGR is missing” error. In most cases, a damaged Windows OS will take you to a blue screen of death error. But sometimes, it can be caused this issue.

To fix this problem, you can try to restore you need to restore your computer from a Windows backup image. If you haven’t backup your computer yet, you can’t use this method.

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Another reason could be caused this problem is the system partition of your hard drive (the little 100MB partition) was deactivated. You can use “Partition Wizard Bootable CD Free Edition” from to boot up your computer. Next, highlight that partition, click on the “Partition” tab, select “Modify” and then “Activate“. If it doesn’t help, you can try to activate the C: partition too.

bootable main interface

Sometimes, an outdated BIOS version can cause the “BOOTMGR is missing” error. You should try to update the BIOS of your computer to the latest version. It could help you to fix this issue.

We hope the above methods can help you fix “BOOTMGR Is Missing” error on your Windows computer. If you have any question about this article or need further help, let us know.

Sometimes, you should check your hard disk drive and make sure it still works. If not, purchase a new one and replace the current hard drive on your computer.