Adobe Connect vs. GetResponse Webinar Tool Review: Which Is Best To Host Webinars?

Webinars have always been a nice way to educate online community without reaching out to everyone at a personal level. Webinars are short video sessions that are done for informing or educating the mass audience. These webinars can be interactive gathering mass audiences.

All you need to do is create a webinar page and start sharing it online with your customers. To reach the massive audience, you can promote the page as well. Once the registrations made, it is now time for you to rock with your webinar.

Nowadays, certain tools have been established that helps you in creating webinar pages and providing video webinars to the audiences. GetResponse and Adobe Connect are two such fabulous webinar tools worth purchasing.

GetResponse Webinar Tool

getresponse webinars

Most of you might think that a marketing tool cannot provide support for video webinar. But the ones who believe, are totally wrong. GetResponse is one such webinar tool that can help you out in creating webinar pages and carrying out an interactive webinar session flawlessly.

GetResponse is the first email marketing service which provides complete webinar solution to its users. It even offers a good range of webinar templates and lets your customer access webinar room easily. You can even create the webinar URL and can share it with your clients so that they can join your webinar.

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Adobe Connect Webinar Tool

Adobe Connect

No one would have ever thought of that Adobe can enter this field too. Adobe is the global digital marketing leader and is popular for its Photoshop tool. Adobe Connect is the web conferencing platform where you can conduct web meetings, webinars, and eLearning sessions.

The audio and visual tools offered by Adobe Connect lets you create awesome webinar sessions that look highly professional. All the attendees need to register for the webinar with Adobe Connect to attend the webinar session.

Top Features of GetResponse Webinar Tool

GetResponse Webinar Tool is the first web conferencing tool by any email marketing software company so far, as boasted by the company. It has plenty of features to mesmerize any user who is looking to provide webinar sessions to people around the web.

  • Easy Setup & Scheduling Options: You only need to enable the registrations, and you can easily schedule the webinar is less than 3 minutes. The flexible scheduling options allow you to pick advance date and time. You can choose that whether you wish to make the webinar public, or you want it to be password protected. You can even create the webinar URL with a secure SSL (https) seal.

webinar settings

  • Email Invites & reminders for nurturing the Leads: You can select the best webinar invitation or reminder template and start turning the subscribers to repetitive customers. You can control the frequency of invites or reminders your client receives. The predesigned webinar reminders & invitations templates are pre-filled with the webinar details. Auto-Login Hash allows the subscribers to enter the webinar without the need of login on webinar page.

webinar email invite

  • Social Media Sharing Enabled: You can generate more leads by sharing the webinar on social media platforms with just a single click.
  • Audience Can be Kept Engaged: You can keep your audience well engaged by interacting with them during the webinar and keeping then engaged through screen sharing, YouTube integrations, polls and much more. No plug-in installation require for accessing the webinar room by the audience. You can upload the documents and files during your webinar. Chat option can be turned on to interact with the attendees. You can encourage the audience for polling. Webinars can enhance by sharing the YouTube videos.
  • Share High-Quality Video Recordings Download Links: You can easy to record the meeting and boost your marketing videos. All you have to do is press ‘Click & Start Recording’ option. A session up to 2 hours can record. GetResponse’s free online storage can utilize for storing the webinars.
  • Build Strong Customer Relationship: You can take follow-up sessions and can also send the attendees a follow-up email. This will help you in building the strong relationship with the client.
  • Report Analysis: The reports can analyze for optimizing the performance in future. Conversion stats can be traced, and you can track the mistakes that can be avoided in future.

webinar analytics

Top Features of Adobe Connect Webinar Tool

  • Deliver Immersive Experiences: Video conferencing can be enabled, and multimedia can share during the webinar. There are multiple options to interact with the audience. The mobile audience can get same benefits as the desktop audience.

deliver experience

  • Easy Management: Templates and the content are always available for reuse. The registration form id fully customizable. You can send reminders and ad-hoc emails to the subscribers for the webinar.
  • Customizable Webinar Event: The webinar is totally customizable with its persistent environment design. You can share the webinar URL created by you. The landing page is available for sharing the webinar details with audiences.
  • Improve ROI by Optimizing Events: The built-in analysis tools help you in the optimization of future events. There are lots of Webinar Engagement Monitoring tools available for your support.

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Adobe Connect vs. GetResponse Pricing

At GetResponse, the minimum package starts at $25 for 2500 contacts. However, you need to opt for $49 package to carry a successful webinar through GetResponse. This package also provides you some other benefits too.

getresponse pricing

At Adobe Connect, you need to pay a minimal amount of $1250/year (which is equivalent to $104/month). Around 100 participants can participate in the webinar with this package. The package can extend on demand.

Adobe Webinar Pricing

Final verdict

After going through the features of both these webinar tools, we can conclude that there is hardly any big difference when it comes to features. Both these tools are efficient enough in caring a successful webinar session. Adobe Connect loses to GetResponse when it comes to pricing. Adobe Connect is nearly double the price at which you can avail GetResponse. Now it’s up to you which one you choose.

If you ask me, I will recommend starting with GetResponse.