Unbounce Vs GetResponse Landing Page Builder Review

Business enhancement has many sources, but one such powerful way these days in the use of the Internet. The prominent way to successfully promote one’s brand, service or product can be achieved through online marketing.

At present, a major share of the global population use internet which has made it a common ground to advertise one’s business. There are several landing page editor tools such as GetResponse and Unbounce which help to create powerful landing pages. In the upcoming section we would cover the similarities along with the differences in the features of both these landing page creator software.

Let us see which one turns out to be the best!

unbounce vs getresponse

GetResponse & Unbounce: Similarities

Both GetResponse and Unbounce are tagged as the best in the field of email marketing and landing page creation. Business developers are in full support for both these software. Few common traits of these tools are:

  • The landing pages can be formed without the knowledge of HTML coding or any technical specifications. Easy customer-friendly steps for creating attractive landing pages.
  • One can easily check the response of each and every landing page through testing features. This helps in making the landing pages effective by making precise changes to attract more customers.
  • You can design your landing page by adding images, videos and links.
  • An Auto-Responder system is presented which sends a welcome email to the new subscribers.

GetResponse Vs Unbounce: Landing Page Features & Comparison

We would discuss some of the striking and important features of both GetResponse and Unbounce. This would help you get a better picture in order to judge which one indeed a better is landing page builder.

Landing Page Templates

GetResponse & Unbounce both consist of interesting landing page templates which are capable to serve as a strong branding option. You have sufficient templates to choose from based on your business requirement. There is no requirement for any kind of technical know-how to make changes on landing page template. GetResponse offers more than 100 designs whereas Unbounce has 85+ designs.

Landing Page Creator Interface

GetResponse Landing Page editor has an interface that is client-friendly and is free from complications. On the other hand, Unbounce has an advanced approach with the inclusion of interesting functions. The best part about GetResponse is that, this software offers drop down menus on its home page which helps in easily finding the various options. Whereas in Unbounce one needs to travel deep down to learn about the various operating functions. I would prefer GetResponse landing page creator as it offers easy navigation.

Auto Responder System

Both GetResponse and Unbounce offer the client with a power to welcome new subscribers with a welcome note. This is made possible with the presence of an Auto-Responder system. As soon as your customer signs in through the sign up form on landing page, he/she receives welcome mail. This is quite impactful. One simply cannot differentiate GetResponse and Unbounce based on this feature.


The option to customize the landing page templates is available in both GetResponse and Unbounce. They consist of a WYSIWYG editor which helps to drag and drop items for creating appealing template designs. One can even add images and text which is a great option under template customization. It is hard to decide which one is a better tool based on Customization.

Split Testing

Split Testing is a useful feature that helps the client analyze the different versions of a landing page template by recording the response of the viewer audience. This helps in making the necessary changes to improve the look and content of the landing page to attract customers. Both GetResponse and Unbounce offer more than two variant checks at the same time.


Both GetResponse & Unbounce consist of options to check the performance of a landing page. You can easily get a proper report with the inclusion of analyzing statistics so as to get a good view about the effectiveness of the landing page. The client can track number of clicks, unsubscribes, forwards, bounces along with other important details. Google Analytics can be linked with both these email marketing tools which is an impressive aspect.

Responsive Feature

Both GetResponse and Unbounce possess the capability to function wonderfully on different platforms. The templates available under these two landing page software are compatible with mobile devices. GetResponse has an advantage over Unbounce when it comes to handling landing page templates on mobile devices. This makes GetResponse a better landing page creator.


Landing pages created through GetResponse and Unbounce can be linked to a variety of CRM software. Moreover, the integration of social media and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with the landing pages is also an option. This helps in increasing the level of branding for a particular service or product in order to spread business. PayPal is can also be integrated with both GetResponse and Unbounce. These landing page creators are excellent in terms of Integration facility.


GetResponse offers a basic service package which can be availed at a price of $15 per month. On the other hand, Unbounce offers a basic service package at $49 per month. Clearly GetResponse takes an extra edge in terms of pricing.

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Reasons To Buy GetResponse Over Unbounce

The key reasons which support buying GetResponse as compared to Unbounce are very evident through the above comparison. Let us highlight some of them:

  • GetResponse can be bought at a much cheaper price as compared to Unbounce. The basic plan offered by GetResponse has a lesser price which can prove beneficial for small scale firms.
  • GetResponse has extra landing page template designs than Unbounce which makes it a better tool.
  • GetResponse offers a much easy-to-use landing page customization options as compared to Unbounce.
  • A much more user-friendly interface is offered by GetResponse when it comes to easy navigation.

If I have to place my money on any email marketing tool, then I would surely opt for GetResponse. It is a sensible choice as under a lesser price this software offers vast features that are better than Unbounce such as interface and landing page template customization. GetResponse offers more landing page template designs which make it a clear leader. If you want to spread your business far and wide then GetResponse would surely assist you in achieving that. Create interesting landing pages that will help you gather good customer base.