How To Keep An Eye On Your Employees At The Workplace?

Nowadays, there are so many employees like to waste a lot of their time at the workplace. They are using these times to checking personal emails or doing Facebook, Skype chat. By wasting these times, it will affect the performance of the company.

The owner of the company has spent a lot of time to build their organizations. But when their financials don’t go as planned, they have the right to get annoyed.

But, they are unable to do anything about it. It can get quite difficult to keep a close eye on the performance of every single employee. You might want to have some kinds of tracking software to watch the activities of your employees.

employee monitoring software

When you search for these kinds of software, you will see a lot of results on search engines. But which one is the best to track your employees’ activities. We would suggest you to take a look at the StealthMate, a new monitoring software in the market. You can easy to bring the frustration to the end by deploying StealthMate in your workplace.

It enables you to keep tabs on most of your employees’ activities without much of a problem. You will know which employee is wasting most of their time and destroy your business.

You can then single those people out and issue them a warning before they can do any serious damage to the company. There are a ton of features in StealthMate, which we have outlined below. In case you want even more information about this nifty software, then click here to read more about it.

Facebook Chat Logging

Facebook Chat Logging

Most of the communication nowadays take place on Facebook. But don’t worry, the team behind StealthMate has done well to recognize this trend. That’s the reason why they have integrated Facebook Chat Logging into their solution. This function allows you to see all conversations of your employees on Facebook.

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If you found any employee is wasting their time, you can intervene by giving a warning or fired. Once most employees realize that their activities are monitoring, they will focus on work. And of course, they will stop waste their times to chatting. By that, you won’t waste your money to pay the salary for nothing anymore.

Keystroke Logging

keystroke logging

This is another brilliant feature in the StealthMate software. It enables you to know each keystroke being typed into your employees’ computers.

Nowadays, people have a lot of different platforms to visit and waste their time on. So, this feature can be a huge help. With keystroke logging, you will know what your employees are up to all the time, which is a huge advantage.


This monitoring software also takes random screenshots of your employees’ computer. So that you are provided visuals of what’s happening on their computer. Sometimes, the employees need visual proof of things to get their heads into work. This solution enables you to do just that, with proofs that they can’t say anything else.

Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail Logging

With the help of StealthMate, you can track all received and sent emails from Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail accounts. Emails are the biggest source of communication, including data leakage, at the workplace. So having an eye on them is a must.

Skype Chat Recording

skype chat monitoring

Another great feature in this software is of Skype Chat Recording. It allows you to record all Skype chats without much of an issue. You might already know the importance of Skype at the workplace. Many employees are using it for regular communication. But, some employees take things too far and use it for more than just formal communications. Knowing that, it is important to keep an eye on it as well.

When you have a powerful software to track all digital platform present, the employees will start to fall in line. Some will do it out of fear of losing their job while others would think of it as an opportunity to impress you with their hard work.

It’s a win-win situation for you in both scenarios. Because they both will definitely boost your employees’ and so company’s performance.