How To Use Framaroot To Root Your Android Phone

Many Android users still often root their Android devices, and you can do it with a few simple steps. Rooting your Android device will open up a world of possibility, but it can be voided the warranty of your device or a few apps won’t work on your device.

After your device is rooted, you will have full access to your Android phone, or tablet, and do whatever you want with the entire system.

What Is Rooting?

How To Root Android

Like in Apple’s iOS, rooting is jailbreaking, but for Android devices (a different name), allow you to do a lot of things on your Android phone with the “root” user. However, there is a bit different between rooting and jailbreaking, take a look at this article.

The “root” user in Android is equivalent to the “Administrator” user in Windows. It has access to the whole operating system. It also can do anything in Android if you know how to do.

By default, you don’t have permission to use the “root” user in Android. Like all other mobile operating systems, Android also restricts apps to use “root” user for security purposes.

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However, the “root” user always exists in the Android operating system (Android OS). There is no built-in way to access the “root” user, except root Android OS. The rooting process is an action of gaining access to the “root” user account.

With root access, you can pass any restrictions that manufacturers or carriers may have applied to your Android device. You also can run more apps in your Android phone or tablet, as well as overclock or underclock the processor, and replace the firmware.

How To Root Your Android Phone With Framaroot

Framaroot is a one-click application to install “Superuser” and “su binary” in your device. All you need to do is just download the “Framaroot” app (a .apk file) to your device. And then install it with your internet browser or file explorer. If you got a warn about security risk while installing the Framaroot, just press OK, and stick on “Unknown sources” to install apps outside of the Google Play Store. You can take a look at this thread on the XDA Developers forum to verify if your device is supported or not.

How To Install Framaroot And Root Your Android Device

  1. Download Framaroot from the links bellow.
  2. Launch the app, select “Install Superuser”.
  3. Select any of exploits on the list in the Framaroot app.
  4. Reboot the device when you see a message like “Success … Superuser and su binary installed”.
  5. Your device is rooted.

Framaroot App

Download Framaroot App From The Links Below

If you see any message like: “Failed … Try another exploit if available”, then please pick another exploit and try again. You can also unroot your Android device with a built-in feature on the Framaroot. It’s very easy to do.

To confirm again if your Android device is rooted or not, just download the “Root Checker” app from the Google Play Store, open it and check.

Root Checker

The Framaroot app is good as you can root your Android phone or tablet within your device. It’s not required any computer to complete the process. All you need to do is just download the app, install it and root your device.

If you have any question about rooting your Android phone with Framaroot app, feel free to contact us.