Royal Revolt 2 Strategy: How To Get Free Gems

What is Royal Revolt 2?

Royal Revolt 2 is a “free to play” award winning strategy game where players with the strongest kingdom will win. In Royal Revolt 2, you have to build defenses for your castle and strengthen them to prevent the enemies from attacking.

The defense system is completely customizable. You can hire castle guards to protect your base. You can form alliances with your friends to conquer kingdoms set up by other real players. You will get to go into battles against thousands of players around the world.

How To Get Gems In Royal Revolt 2

The premium currency in Royal Revolt 2 is gems. Gems can be used to buy gold and food. It can also be used to speed up a construction project and hire new workers. The fastest way to obtain gems is to purchase them or to use royal revolt 2 hack.

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When you have lesser gems than you need to carry out a task, you will be prompted to use real money to buy the gem packages. However, you don’t have to buy the gems with real money as you can collect them for free in the game. There are many ways to collect the gems in the Royal Revolt 2 game.

A Complete Tutorial To Earn Free Gems

During the tutorial, you will be given 50 gems. These gems are to be used in the tutorial, but you can save them for use later. Once you have completed the tutorial, you will be rewarded with another 200 gems.

Earn Free Gems by Joining Quests

You can manually collect gems by taking part in different types of quests. For example: sending your troop into battle and building defenses. To find out what quests are open, you can click the red exclamation mark located at the bottom. There are 3 achievements in every quest.

The majority of the quests only reward you with 2 gems at the start. As you progress to a higher level in the quest, you will be rewarded with more gems. For example, when you have successfully reached level 80 and accumulated 240 morale, you will be rewarded with 1000 gems.

League Tournament

Players can also get gems by taking part in the League Tournament. The tournament will last for 24 hours. You can progress to the next league if you complete one with the green ranks. If you fail to complete one on green rank, you will have to re-enter the current league on blue rank.

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Otherwise, you will drop to a league in the lower level on red rank. The number of gems you will receive is between 1 – 375 depending on your final rank. League player that has achieved the highest number of medals will be rewarded with more gems. For every 1000 medals, you will get rewarded with 25 gems. You will be rewarded with extra gems if you set the league record for the majority of the medals in the league. To be fair, the league record is reset from time to time.

Dungeon Diamond Vault Levels

Players who have finished the dungeon diamond vault levels for the first time will be rewarded with gems. There are also many other levels in the diamond vaults that will yield gold and other types of rewards.

Chamber Of Fortune

There are plenty of free gems you can collect at the Chamber of Fortune. Before you can access the Chamber of Fortune, you must first destroy the Castle Gate that belonged to your enemy. You will be given the opportunity to select 3 out of 6 chests to collect the rewards.

Earn Free Gems When An Enemy Use Pearl Or Gem Scroll

You will be rewarded with gems when an enemy player attacks you by using a pearl or gem scroll to attack you. This is why it is important to have a strong defense. You can find out the strength of your defense by checking the crowns. The higher number of crowns, the stronger the performance of the defense system. Three crowns indicate that you have a perfect defense. Likewise, you will get free gems when the enemy is using a resurrect potion after the death of the King. You are entitled to get one gem per scroll or resurrection. To avoid losing gems, you should not use scrolls to attack your enemies.


In conclusion, above are some of the most effective ways to earn free gems. As you can see, there is no need to use real money to purchase the gems to speed up your game. You can always get the gems for free if you are patient and willing to earn them slowly.