Music is an important thing in our life. It exists everywhere we can go, from your home to the company, from restaurants to public toilets… and so on. When smartphones appear in the world, it’s very easy to listen to music on the go, as you can just download it from the Internet (or copy from elsewhere), and keep it on your smartphone to listen.

Also, with the growth of the Internet and mobile broadband, you are now able to listen music online, over the Internet, from your smartphone or tablet. You don’t really need to download music files to your devices anymore. Just open a mobile app, search for your favorite songs and then enjoy it.

However, if you have a smartphone with huge storage: 32GB, 64GB or 128GB, and expandable with MicroSD card; we think you may want to download your favorite songs to your device and keep it to listen later.

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There are a lot of music apps for Android or iOS that you can find and download from Google Play, or Apple AppStore. But many of them are spam, and useless. That’s why we make a useful list of 5 best apps for free music downloads for Android as well as iOS.

List Of Free Music Downloads For Android And iOS

You can take a look at the list below, to find your favorite songs, and then download it to your devices to listen later. These apps are good to find and download free music, according our experience. It’s not mean all other apps are useless. You could try a few other music download apps (on Google Play or AppStore), and let’s us know how are those apps.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music streaming service, which operated by Google. The company offers a free standard account that allows you to upload and listen up to 50,000 songs.

The company is also offering music streaming service over the Internet as well as find and download music for free. There is also a marketplace, where you can find and purchase songs and albums.

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It’s a good free music downloads for Android and iOS. You could also use it for desktop with your Google Play Music standard account.

Android   iOS   Desktop

4shared Music

4shared Music

It’s a music app that provides over 30 million songs to download, or listen to the music online. You are not only can play music, but you can also enjoy radio stations within the app.

You can also register an account with “4shared Music”, and get a 15GB of free cloud space to store music. So, uploading new songs or download songs to your device is very easy.

Android   iOS

Free MP3 Downloads

This mobile app allows you to find and download songs that are licensed as “free”. You don’t need to worry about copyright issues while downloading and listening to these songs.

The design of this app is simple. Within the app, you can easily search and then click on the name of the song to download it to your device. Under the “Listen” tab, you can listen to all songs that you have downloaded.



rockmyrun best music downloader

RockMyRun is one of our favorite apps for free music downloads in Android and iOS. You can also use it to custom and build DJ mixes. There are also a lot of DJ mixes that are designed for your workout.

The RockMyRun music blends among of genres, beats per minute, length and lyrics. You can increase or decrease “beats per minute” of a mix to fit your workout. You can also set the filter option to show only clean lyrics.

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This music downloader and player is available on both Android and iOS platform. Click on buttons below to download the app for your device.

Android   iOS   Desktop


freegal - free music downloads for android

It‘s a free music download app for iOS, which allow you to download free music and store in iPhone or iPad. With more than 9 million different MP3 songs, you can search and download your favorite songs from the Freelegal app to your device to listen to it later.

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Just visit the link at the button below to download and install the Freelegal app from iTunes store. Next, you can search the library for your favorite songs and then press the download button to get the song.


We hope you already have found a good app for your mobile device to search, download and listen to your favorite songs. These mobile apps are good for free music downloads for Android as well as iOS.

If you have any question about this article, or have a new and useful free music download app, just send us an email.