Failure Configuring Windows Updates Issue And How To Fix It

When the Windows Update is turned on, it will automatically download and install updates. After the update process is done, Windows will restart itself (or ask you to take this action: Restart / Reboot) to apply these updates.

However, you might get stuck (“Windows Update stuck”) with the update and configuration process if there is any problem. Most cases, you will receive a message: “Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer

If this error occurs, your computer will take about 30 minutes or up to an hour to revert. Don’t need to worry about this revert, give your computer time and it will be back to normal soon.

Failure Configuring Windows Updates

How To Fix Failure Configuring Windows Updates Issue

Basically, this error will not destroy your computer. But if it happens frequently, you have to figure out what the cause is, and fix this issue. Microsoft always release the update to fix bugs and improve stability as well as adding new features. If the Windows update process can’t be done, your computer might be in trouble.

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In order to fix “Failure configuring Windows updates” error, please try all three steps below:

Create System Restore Point In Windows

Firstly, you have to enable Windows System Restore to protect your Windows OS, from the change, avoid any damage to the system while we are fixing the issue.

To enable System Restore in Windows, click on the Start logo > right-click on Computer > select Properties. You can also access to Properties by right-clicking on the “Computer icon” on your desktop and select Properties.

Windows Computer Properties

On the left side, click on System protection. Under the System Protection tab, select the drive that you want to enable system restore, then click on the “Configure” button.

Windows System Protection

In the next step, select “Turn on system protection” > click on “Apply” and then “OK” button.

Next, click on “Create” button to create a system restore point at that moment. Windows will automatically create a system restore point, and will tell you with a message when it’s done.

Enable Windows System Protection

This step to create a backup in case if something goes wrong, you can easily restore your Windows system back from this point and will not lose anything, like before.

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Use Windows Update Troubleshooter

In this step, we will try to fix this issue by using a built-in feature in Windows, a troubleshoot function. To access this troubleshooter, go to Control Panel > and click on the “Find and fix problems” link.

Find and fix problems

Next, click on the “Fix problems with Windows Update” link.

Fix problems with Windows Update

In the next step, click on “Advanced” > select “Run as administrator”, plus stick on the “Apply repairs automatically” box > Next.

Troubleshooting Windows Update

The troubleshooter will automatically run and fix the problem. Your issue should be gone immediately. If this step can’t help you solve the problem and it still remains, try the step below.

In case you can’t find the troubleshooter, visit this link (from Microsoft) to download and open the Windows Update troubleshooter.

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Delete Windows Update Cache And Download Files To Fix Windows Update Stuck

In order to delete all Windows Update cache and download files, you have to turn off two Windows services first. Go to Start > Run > type services.msc > Enter.

Open Windows Services

The Windows Services will appear, let scroll down and find two services below and then “Stop” them.

How to stop them? Find and double-click on it, select “Stop” button.

  • Windows Update
  • Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Stop Windows Update

Next, go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete all files in two folders: DataStore and Download. Remember, you only need to delete all files & folders inside these folders, do not delete these folders. Windows might ask you to use Administrator permission to delete those files, just allow it. Don’t need to worry, delete those files and folders will not damage any part of your Windows. You will not lose any important file.

Delete All Files And Folders

After the deletion process is done, you have to turn on two Windows services that you have turned off above. Simply find it in Windows Services, double-click on it and click on “Start” button.

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By now, the “Failure configuring Windows updates” error should be solved. If the problem still remains on your Windows computer, comment below with details (or contact us) and we will help you out.