What To Do When My iPhone Won’t Turn On?

What to do when my iPhone won’t turn on? During this week, we are receiving many emails from users that are asking the same question, and they want us to help them to turn on their iPhone.

If you have pressed the “Power” button of your iPhone or iPad, but the display is still black, won’t turn on; you can try to force your iPhone or iPad to restart. In order to force your iPhone to reboot, press and hold both “Power” and “Home” buttons for at least 10 seconds, at the same time, until the display is powered on and show the Apple logo.

Force Restart iPhone

My iPhone Won’t Turn On, What To Do Next?

If your iPhone still doesn’t start up or turn on, you should connect your iPhone or iPad to the battery charger and let it charge for about ten minutes. Generally, if the battery of your iPhone is low, it will show a “low battery” indicator when you press “Power” button. However, if the battery is completely dead, your iPhone will not respond.

My iPhone Won't Turn On
My iPhone Won’t Turn On

So, just plug your iPhone to the charger (wall charger or USB charger), give it several minutes and it will turn itself on.

Charging your iPhone

My iPhone Turns On, But Gets Stuck During Start Up

If your iPhone or iPad is powered on, booting up, but didn’t work properly. It gets stuck at the boot screen with an Apple logo.

In this case, just connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, and open iTunes. You could also use your friend’s computer or any other computer that have iTunes installed.

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Next, force your iPhone to restart by pressing and hold both “Power” and “Home” buttons at the same time. Keep holding until your iPhone show Recovery mode on the screen (as the picture below).

Recovery Mode On Apple iPhone
Recovery Mode On Apple iPhone

The iTunes application on your computer will ask you to “Restore” or “Update” your iPhone as there is a problem with it. This problem will be fixed by updating your iPhone.

iTunes Recovery Mode

If the iPhone won’t turn on and you still see a black screen after trying all methods above (charge the iPhone, force restart, restore / update), then your iPhone or iPad has a hardware issue preventing it from booting. In this case, please bring your iPhone or iPad to a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store for help.