What Is igfxpers.exe And How To Disable It ?

When you open the task manager on your Windows computer, you might have noticed a process named “igfxpers.exe” is running. Do you know what’s igfxpers.exe and why this process is running on your computer? Don’t worry, it’s not a type of viruses, malware or malicious programs. The igfxpers.exe process is from Intel and will install into your computer while you install graphics cards driver.

The igfxpers.exe will be installed into your computer along with Windows drivers for both Intel and nVidia graphics cards. It’s a part of their Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. According to Intel, the function of “igfxpers.exe” is helping to enable display resolution settings. If it’s disabled, your display may lose the current resolution settings every time your display was turned off.

As we have already said above, it’s not a virus, malware or malicious programs. The igfxpers.exe process isn’t a necessary Windows process. You can disable this process to increase boot time of your Windows as well as prevent any annoying message if have.

How To Disable igfxpers.exe On Your Windows

Before you disable the igfxpers.exe process, we just want to tell you that some features of your graphic card might not work if it’s disabled. We would suggest you only disable it in case it’s eating too much computer’s resources.

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To disable “igfxpers.exe” process, open System Configuration by pressing on Windows key + R. In the Run dialog box, type “msconfig” and press Enter.

Next, click on the Startup tab and uncheck the “Intel(R) Common User Interface” > Apply > OK.


In the next boot of Windows, you will not see this process under Task Manager anymore. In case you want to enable the “igfxpers.exe” process again, go to System Configuration and check the box.