Top 5 Windows 10 Education Apps That Enhance Creativity

In today’s modern world, you can carry and use all your favorite apps on a portable device as well as a cloud drive. Due to 4G connectivity, everything you need, whether for work, education or leisure can be at your fingertips at any time and place. These portable devices can be used at home, work, school, when visiting either family or friends and even while traveling. Both educators and learners will find these devices particularly useful when it comes to teaching and learning due to the wide variety of educational apps available. The following five education apps for Windows 10 offer a great deal for the development of both essential core competencies and creativity.

Microsoft Windows 10 Apps

1. Microsoft OneNote

Whether you are a student or a teacher, this is the app for you. Microsoft OneNote is basically a digital notebook and the place where you can record and organize everything and anything. Forget those heavy briefcases and notebooks, you can carry all your notes with you on one portable device. Being automatically saved and synced in the cloud, your notes will always be up-to-date through the use of the Microsoft OneNote app.

Both educators and students can consider the value of the following features:

  • Write, Type and Draw: You can let your imagination flow by writing or drawing anywhere in the document with the use of many different pens, highlighters, or grids.
  • Capture and Share: By clicking the note button you are able to quickly record a note in the Action Center using the support pens. Services and apps such as Microsoft Edge, Office Lens, Charm and Clipper, enables you to send documents or websites to OneNote. This allows for easy collaboration with others which is especially handy for educators and learners.
  • Be Organized: Easy access to recent notes is always possible with Microsoft OneNote. With only one click, you will be able to find anything in your notes using its check boxes and to-do lists. For students, this allows for better organization of their assignments.
  • Plan and Prepare: OneNote enables educators to plan their lectures and curricula. They can easily create handouts and lessons for the classroom by searching through websites for materials and clipping and organizing all the content at one place.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

The features of Adobe Photoshop Express not only allow you to capture photos, but it also enables you to creatively edit your photos within the same app. It is specifically appropriate for learning the basics on photo editing and graphic design basics. With Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to touch up your pictures in order to produce better-looking photos by using the automatic 23 filters similar to those of Instagram. With an in-app purchase, you can add up to 20 additional filters.

Features include:

  • Quick Editing: You can adjust color, straighten, flip, rotate, crop and even remove red eye of your photos by using its touch-friendly interface.
  • Slider Controls: Slider controls make it possible to adjust brightness, hue, white balance and more.
  • Artistic Touch: By using Vibrant, Glow and Super punch, you can artistically enrich your photos. Adding borders and frames can be the final finishing touch.

Students can take their devices on field trips in order to take photos to later review and share. Adobe’s revel cloud-based syncing also allows them to store both photos and videos and share them on Facebook.

3. Learning in Context: Reading Comprehension

For students, reading with comprehension is probably the most important skill needed. Comprehension is the key to all learning. This Reading Comprehension app, created by Clarity Innovations with support by the Intel Corporation, helps students to develop those skills needed to read with comprehension.

Students learn how to read passages of text with comprehension in the following ways:

  • Activities are provided for students to collect as well as review vocabulary words such as drag-and-drop vocabulary lists.
  • Short exercises are provided for students to check their understanding.
  • A library of various literary passages for educators and students to choose from is provided.
  • Students can view word definitions and review them with flash cards.
  • Students can save their work in order to make it available for their teachers or peers to review.

4. 21st Century Learning Design

In today’s modern world, students need advanced skills in order to succeed. 21st Century Learning Design app helps teachers to create lessons based on learning activities designed to build 21st century skills. By applying this app, schools can use various rubrics to evaluate a whole range of students’ skills, which had been developed and tested in an international study of 21st century skills as part of the Innovative Teaching and Learning Research (ITL) project.

The features of this app include:

  • Materials designed to be interactive and easy to manage.
  • Assistance for educators to both identify the many different learning activities that best enable the development of necessary skills for students as well have students take the opportunity to use these activities.
  • Review of student work completed, so that existing learning activities can be analyzed and coded.
  • Lessons can be refined if necessary.
    This app represents the future of education, as it uses technology as a platform for educators and students to develop collaboration, knowledge-building, self-regulation and assessment.

5. Educational Podcasting Today

The founder of, Jeff Bradbury, created Educational Podcasting Today. The Educational Podcasting Today app allows users to subscribe to as well as watch all the outstanding podcasts of the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

Key features include:

  • Podcasting 101: Instructions for creating a personal or classroom podcast based on the teachings of this app and through screenshots, blogs and podcasts.
  • Equipment suggestions, podcasting app reviews and video tutorials.
  • Instructions on how to create video and audio shows.
  • WordPress 101: Instructions on how to build a website and promote its digital content using WordPress.
  • Live Educational Programming: All of the TeacherCast catalogue is accessible under one device.