How To Force Quit Mac Apps In Mac OS X

Sometimes, you open an application on your Mac computer, and somehow, it doesn’t respond to any of your actions, then it’s time to force quit that application. But do you know how to force quit a program in Mac?

Whatever your skill level is, just remember these simple ways and you will able to force quit apps on your Mac easily. In this article, we will cover six best ways to force quit applications on your Mac computer. These ways will work in all versions of Mac OS X.

Six Ways To Learn How To Force Quit Mac Programs

We collected these useful ways from Internet and make this article to help you learn how to force quit an application in Mac OS X, with keyboard shortcuts, your mouse, Apple’s menu or Terminal.

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Force Quit Mac Apps With Force Quit Applications

It’s the first method that’s easy to use to force quit programs with a few simple steps.

First, press Command + Option + Esc key to launch “Force Quit Applications”.

Select the program that doesn’t respond to your action, and click on the “Force Quit” button. The program will be ended immediately.

Force Quit Application
Force Quit Application

Force Quit An Active Mac App With Keyboard Shortcut

You can also force quit an active application on Mac by pressing and holding Command + Option + Shift + Esc key for a few seconds, until the program forcibly close.

Force Quit Mac

Force Quit A Program On Mac From Dock

Here is another simple way to close any application on Mac. Just right-click on the app you want to quit on the dock, press Alt (or Option) and then select “Force Quit”. This action will kill the selected program without any alert or confirmation.

Force Quit Mac In Dock


Force Quit A Program On Mac From Menu

In order to force quit a program from Apple menu, press and hold “Shift” key on your keyboard, and then click on the Apple logo > Force Quit [Program Name]. For example: Force Quit Finder.

Force Quit Finder

Force Quit Mac Apps With Activity Monitor

To force quit any program on your Mac computer, open Activity Monitor (aka Mac Task Manager), select the program you want to close and click on the “Force Quit” button.

Kill Process In Mac

Kill A Running Application With Terminal

If you don’t like to use methods that are mentioned above (even though these ways are simpler), then open Terminal app (under Applications > Utilities > Terminal), and use any of two commands below:

  • killall [processname]. For example: killall Finder, to force quit Finder.

killall Terminal command

  • kill -9 [pid]. For example: kill -9 , to force quit Finder.

kill pid Terminal command

We hope this article will help you to learn more about how to force quit Mac apps with shortcuts as well as terminal commands. If you have any further question, just contact us.

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