Compare GetResponse And Campaigner Email Marketing Services

In this blog post, we are going to compare GetResponse and Campaigner, and tell you about the pros and cons of these email marketing services.

Firstly, I will talk about the features offered by GetResponse followed by the features of Campaigner. In the end, we will compile the results on the basis of these features that which one of these email marketing services we should choose to get success as an email marketer.

GetResponse and Campaigner, both are among the top and the most popular email marketing solutions available up to the date. So, the comparison and the decision are going to be a little hard, but the winner will be that one which we would be able to clear after the reading of this blog post.



GetResponse was founded by Simon Grabowski in 1999 which is now pioneering the online marketing solutions. It’s one of the most popular email marketing solution used by the marketers all over the world to promote and grow their business. It’s available in 14 languages internationally.

The features offered by GetResponse are given below in the form of simple points so that it may be easy for you to catch up all these at once.

  • Create lovely emails and send them to your email subscribers. You can choose from various formats that according to them are compatible with any device.
  • You can create beautiful and attractive landing pages after seeing which your blog or website visitor will automatically like to subscribe you. And all of this you can do in minutes!
  • You can set various auto responds so that you can spend your precious time on other things which matter the most to you.
  • The support that is provided by them is just awesome. You can get free support from them to understand and clear each and everything.
  • Learn interactively through the webinars by experts.
  • You do not need to play with the code at all.
  • You will get 500+ professionally designed email templates.
  • You will get free ultimate support and various text or visual guides.
  • You Import your existing email subscribers into GetResponse.
  • You can interact it with all other popular email clients.
  • You can do A/B testing to see what works the best for you.
  • Mobile apps make GetResponse more powerful email marketing service.
  • It is trusted by many of the popular and reputed companies all over the world with over 3, 50,000 customers.
  • You can try GetResponse free for 30 days.

Thus, by reviewing all of the features listed above, we come to the conclusion that GetResponse is one of the best email marketing service for you which can satisfy all of the need for your email marketing.

getresponse email marketing software and service

They offer their plans and pricing according to the amount of subscribers you hold. I have given the screenshot in which you can compare the pricing of various plans offered by GetResponse. They are offering a special 40 % on this occasion of Christmas.



Coming to Campaigner, it’s also one of the most satisfying email marketing solutions and provide very similar features to GetResponse. Its major features are listed in the following list of features:

  • Using their static and dynamic segmentation, you can deliver to emails to your subscribers more efficiently.
  • Get all stats using their email reporting feature.
  • Send automated email campaigns to the subscriber based on various factors easily.
  • Improve your campaigns using their API features.
  • Import the contact list and also get more subscribers.
  • Offer a lot of email templates which you can customize and send on the go to your subscribers.
  • Get the power of suppression lists, deliverability reporting and social sharing.
  • Auto-responding, schedule and send emails automatically and save you precious time!
  • It can detect the stats like duplicate emails.
  • You can remove the unsubscribed contacts.
  • They offer excellent help and support along with useful resources.
  • You can integrate it with some tools and services quickly!
  • Offers free 30 days trial

campaigner email marketing service

If we talk about pricing they offer, you can check out the following screenshot:

Which Is better? GetResponse Or Campaigner

Although, the results are clear, and you can easily decide that which one will work the best for you, we are also giving our review regarding this.

If we talk about the features, GetResponse offers more features as well as more power to your email marketing campaign. On the other hand, if we talk about the features of Campaigner, they are also good and are enough to deal with good kind of email marketing but they are not as good as the features offered by GetResponse.

And if we talk about the pricing of both of them, they are comparable. There is a little difference between prices. Though the price of plans of GetResponse is a little more than the price of plans of Campaigner, yet it worthy. You get the right worth for your hard earned money.

So, if you would ask us that which email marketing service out of GetResponse and Campaigner, you will choose, we will like to reply with GetResponse due to the capability of its features. There are many other things which urge us to go with GetResponse over Campaigner. Some of them are:

  • The dashboard of GetResponse is easy to use as compared to Campaigner
  • GetResponse is better in the matter of image hosting.
  • In the terms of customization, GetResponse offers more flexibility.
  • GetResponse is also ahead in the terms of social media integration as well.
  • GetResponse offers the live chat support.
  • One feature known as advanced inbox preview, which is available in GetResponse only.
  • GetResponse included the account health monitor also.

Hope this may clear you the essential difference of features between GetResponse and Campaigner so that you will be able to choose the right option for your email marketing plan which in our case is GetResponse.