5 Best Parental Controls Apps For Your Kids’ Online Safety

Technology today has everything good and bad for our kids. Most of the times we trust our kids and expect them to pick the best part of technology only. However, this does not happen always. Kids in the immaturity, recklessness and adventure seeking nature experiment with the technology and end up ruining their reputation in the digital world.

They watch pornography, post inappropriate content, join adult forums and what not. To keep a keen eye on them, you can take assistance from technologies and use any of parental control apps from the list of top picks given below, to help you protect and control your kid’s online safety.

kids online safety

Norton Online Family

Norton Online Family is free software that enables parents to monitor the web pages their kids visit as well as what they search for online and who do they chat with. Not only they can set the screen limits for their kids, but can also see their social networking activities and even receive an email report about all of the kid’s online activities.

Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety is Microsoft’s free parental control software that comes with the Windows Live Essentials package. The package includes MSN Messenger and Microsoft’s web-mail client. Using the Windows protection, parents can now block specific sites and applications while managing their screen time.

FamilyTime Parental Controls

Family Time is a parental control app which keeps parents in the loop with their child’s activities around the clock. FamilyTime parental control software offers a wide range of features that help parents protect their kids not just online but offline too. The app provides a long list of valuable features that include, Web Monitoring, mobile monitoring, location tracking, Geo-fencing, screen-limit options, panic and PickMeUp alerts, etc.

All these features empower parents to keep a keen eye on their kids while having their consent. FamilyTime helps mitigate the risks of the cyber world by enabling parents to understand their children’s online activities and taking appropriate actions on time.

The best part about FamilyTime is that the software is available for all web-enabled devices i.e smartphones and tablets, etc. and is available for a free trial on Google Play and iTunes.

AVG Family Safety

The AVG Family Safety software lets parents create profiles for each child, which can be adjusted as the child gets older and as their digital behaviors and habits change. As well as blocking inappropriate content, such as pornographic sites, the software lets parents prevent access of their kids to over 80 different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, and Bebo.

McAfee Family Protection

McAfee Family Protection is another great tool available to parents. The software helps parents protect their kids’ online interests while securing them as they learn and explore. Using the software parents can now save their kids from inappropriate content, social networking risks, stranger dangers, and other threats. Social networking sites open the door to threats like cyberbullying, communication with strangers, and posting confidential information.

Pick any of the above given control and ensure your kids safety digitally!