What Is rundll32.exe And Why Is It Running

If you was using Windows for a long time, you might have seen a lot of dynamic link library files (.dll) everywhere on your computer. These files store common pieces of programs and can be used for multiple programs.

However, you can’t launch a .dll file like an executable file (.exe). So if you want to use a function on a specific .dll file, it must be called from an executable file. That’s the reason why rundll32.exe was born. It’s a part of Windows OS and not a threat, normally.

Is rundll32.exe Safe?

Please note, if the location of rundll32.exe is at C:\Windows\System32\ folder, then it’s valid. But sometimes, viruses or malware use a file with the same name, but run from a different folder. If you are not sure the rundll32.exe is valid, you should scan the file and your computer to make sure everything is good.


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How To Scan A rundll32.exe File?

The fastest way is using VirusTotal, an online virus scan. It will upload the rundll32.exe file you provided and use multiple antivirus programs to scan the file and return results to you.

rundll32.exe virustotal

Should I Disable Or Kill rundll32.exe?

Basically, the rundll32.exe file only launch if programs need functions on dynamic link library files. Disabling rundll32.exe will make the program stopped and can’t work properly. So if you have verified that it’s a valid file and in a correct location (C:\Windows\System32\ folder), then there is nothing to worry about this file.