10+ Funny Text Messages On The Internet

There is nothing useful information in this article, but you will realize a lot of fun over here. Take a look at the list of 30+ funny text messages that I have collected on the internet.

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List Of Funny Text Messages On The Internet

1. A kid have charged “hi” to “nugget” on her phone.

funny text messages

2. Dad is dead, really?

another funny text messages

3. Just cereal, of course!


4. Is that what you are thinking about?

pecan pie

5. What will you do with a wrong number text message? This is funny conversation between sender and who received it.

funny conversation text

6. When your Mom forgot how to use Google.

how to google7. The second guess.

the second guess8. What do you think WTF means?

what do you think WTF means9. Are you in a meeting?

are you in a meeting10. Please stop changing the Google logo.

change google logo11. I just want to make sure you were getting my text message.

I just want to make sure12. Text message to Dad when he left phone at home.left phone at home

13. Do you know how to use hashtag yet?

learn how to use hashtag
14. Don’t text me!

do not text me15. My Mom want to make sure her messages going through.

message going through