10+ Useless Websites Of All Times

With the growth of internet, anyone can own a website at this moment with a few simple steps. And there were billions of websites out there, contains huge information and data that might useful to readers.

Along with these useful websites, there was a part of websites that are useless. I don’t know what developers had in their mind while creating these websites. Maybe it’s just for fun. So if you are looking for something to relax, take a look at these 10+ useless websites.


I think developer of this website was a creative person. The website whopping HEEEEEEEEEY!, then HOOOOOOOOO!, and then repeat over time.

2. Make Everything OK


Do you want to make everything okay? Press the button now.

3. Rainy Mood

rainy mood

Love to hear the sounds of raining? It’s a website that you can visit and hear sounds of falling of drops on the ground, thundering clouds and sound of winds.

4. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty

The website has a snake that will follow your cursor when you move it. Imagine what happens when you sake your cursor?

5. Average Cats


This website contains thousands of images of cats. Take a look!

6. Things On A White Background

More clicks on objects, more random objects will start to appear on the page. It’s definitely a useless website.

7. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

useless websites

Can you just relax and listen to the waves in two minutes?

8. A Blank Website

Like its name, just a blank page.

9. Last page of Internet

last page

So what are you waiting for? Just follow their instructions because there is nothing more to read! Turn off your computer and go outside.

10. Donate for no reason

Will you send your money out to donate for no reason like this website?

11. Turn a big circle into a Koala


It’s a simple job that you need to move your cursor to split a big circle into four new circles. At the end, you will see a picture of a Koala. This one is my favorite from useless websites’ list.