8 Ways To Speed Up Windows 10 Computer

At this moment, Windows 10 is available on many desktop and laptop computers, with many new improvements and features. If you have not upgraded to Windows 10 yet, then Microsoft is offering a free upgrade for all genuine Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 users.

The Windows 10 comes with a lot of new features, and it will make your computer run slower if it does not have much resources. By optimizing the Windows 10 OS, improve its performances, it will make your computer run faster and get better experiences.

In this post, I will tell you the 8 best ways to optimize and speed up your Windows 10 computer. With these useful tips, it will help your computer run faster.

Tips To Speed Up Windows 10 Computer

Basically, the slow performance of your Windows 10 computer depends on many factors:

  • You are running too many programs at once.
  • Your computer has been affected by virus, adware or malicious programs.
  • Your hard drive is near full.
  • You have too many startup programs.
  • …etc.

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So, to make your computer run faster, you need optimize your computer and improve its performance. Following our step by step guide to help to speed up your Windows 10 computer.

Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

While installing, many programs will show you an option to enable or disable “launch at startup” feature. But there are a lot of software did not show you this option and it’s automatically enable this feature.

When you booting and logging into your computer, all these programs will launch. And these programs will take a lot of your resources and make your computer run slower.

You can easy to disable any unnecessary startup programs with the Task Manager. Select Startup tab on the Task Manager and disable the program you don’t want to launch at startup. I would suggest you only keep a few needed software as the startup programs.

Windows 10 Startup Programs
Windows 10 Startup Programs

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Disable Startup Services

By default, many services are open when Windows 10 is booted. But there are a lot of services that you don’t really need or don’t need to open at startup. So to help you improve the speed of your Windows 10 computer, disable unnecessary services are needed action.

If you want to disable unnecessary services on your Windows 10, pressing Windows + R button to open Run dialog box. Type: msconfig in the Run dialog box and press Enter.

Select the Services tab in the System Configuration windows.

On the next screen, you are able to enable / disable any service you want. You can also select Startup Type like Automatic, Manual or Disabled.

Disable Windows 10 Services
Disable Windows 10 Services

Stop Uses Apps That Using A Lot Of Resources

Due to many reasons, sometimes the software you are using daily is consuming a lot of CPU resources and RAM. If you feel your computer run slower, open Task Manager to find the application that’s using much resources, and then close it.

For example, if you are using Google Chrome and opening many tabs, it will take a lot of your CPU resources and RAMs. To avoid your Windows 10 computer run slower, use a few tabs instead of a few dozen tabs.

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Disable Windows Search Indexing In Windows 10

The Windows Search Indexing feature will automatically index all files which are stored on your computer. It will help you find your needed files faster when you need. If your computer does not has much resources, then disable Windows Search Indexing is a good option. This feature will not use your resources, and so these remain resources can be used by another application.

To disable this feature, pressing Windows + R button to open Run dialog. Type services.msc in the Run dialog box and press Enter.

Find Windows Search service in the Services windows. Right click on the item, select Properties and select Disabled on the Startup Type.

Use High Performance Power Plan On Windows 10

If you are using the desktop computer, make sure the High Performance power plan is selected. It will make your Windows 10 run faster and completely optimized for better performance.

To change power plan, go to Control Panel and select Power Option. Choose High Performance plan on the power option to make Windows 10 faster. But if select High Performance plan on your laptop, it might use more battery power and decrease the time you could use it.

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Install All Windows Updates

Make sure you are installing all Windows updates and keep your operating system up to date. Microsoft always release new updates to improve stability and performance of the Windows OS. So install the latest updates will help your computer fix bugs and improve its performances.

Keep Your Computer Safe From Virus And Malicious Programs

By default, Windows 10 will come with Windows Defender. It’s an antivirus software that’s developed by Microsoft. And will protect your computer against virus, spyware, unwanted or harmful program.

But, Windows Defender is not good enough to protect your PC. So install a good antivirus application will help your computer safe from threats. You can take a look at the list of best free antivirus software for Windows. In my opinion, these antivirus programs are good to protect your computer against any virus and malicious program.

So, these are 8 best methods to speed up your Windows 10 computer and make it run faster. I hope you are having a good experience with your computer after following these useful tips.

If you have any other method to make the Windows 10 run faster, let’s share it to me and I will update the list.