Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers, along with Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. But during use Google Chrome, users may face a lot of unknown errors, like DNS errors, protocol errors or SSL and connection errors.

In this post, I will tell you a few good ways to fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in your Google Chrome browser. There are several useful tips to solve this error from Google’s forum. But that is not enough to fix this problem. So, I have collected all possible solutions from users who have faced this error before. These methods have been tested and will probably help you to fix the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR error.



This error occurs for many reasons, including old cache and cookies, the DNS server block specific websites or your browser has errors. So to fix this problem, try 4 methods below one by one until your problem is solved.

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Clear All Cache And Cookies

As I have mentioned above, old cache and cookies may be causes of this error. So if you want to fix this protocol error, try to clear all cache and cookies on your Google Chrome browser. The fastest way to clear all cached files and cookies is type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar and press Enter.

Select like the image below and click on Clear browsing data button.

Clear browsing data

Reset Google Chrome Browser

If you have cleared all cache and cookies, but the error still remains, try to reset your Google Chrome browser by typing chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings in the address bar and press Enter. The browser will be restored all settings to default, like reset homepage, new tab, search engine, disable extensions as well as clear all other temporary files.

reset google chrome

Flush DNS Cache And Renew IP Address

If two methods above didn’t help you to solve the problem, then try to flush the DNS cache and renew the IP address. Open the Command Prompt and type the following commands:

Firstly, type ipconfig /flushdns in Command Prompt and then press Enter.

Secondly, type ipconfig /renew in Command Prompt and then press Enter.

Flush SPDY Sockets In Google Chrome Browser

It might be an error that created by the SPDY socket. If you want to fix the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR error, then flush the SPDY socket by copying and pasting the chrome://net-internals/#events&q=type:SPDY_SESSION is:active in the address bar and press Enter.

Right click on the drop down menu at the top-right of windows and select Flush Sockets.