Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error – dns_probe_finished_no_internet

The DNS Probe Finished No Internet (or dns_probe_finished_no_internet ) is a common problem error while using Google Chrome to browse the internet, and there was not much solution to fix this DNS issue. This error happens because a problem with the default DNS server. You can easily fix this DNS error by change your default DNS server to other DNS services like Google or OpenDNS.


But sometimes, the issue might be created by other causes, and you could not fix the problem by just changing DNS server. In this post, I will tell you three ways that you can try to solve the DNS Probe Finished No Internet error from clean your Google Chrome browser to change the default DNS server and check your firewall.

Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet ( dns_probe_finished_no_internet )

Clear Google Chrome’s History, Cache Or Reinstall Browser

Before you clear all history, cache or reinstall your Google Chrome browser, you can do another check by using other internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera or UC Browser, to check if the problem is from your browser or not. If you can access to most websites as usual with one of these browsers, then the cause of this DNS error is from your Chrome browser. But if you still can’t access the web with those browsers, then the problem is from another case, you don’t need to clear your history & cache or reinstall the browser.

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In order to clear your history and cache of Google Chrome, click on the Menu icon at the top-right corner, and choose Settings.

Open Google Chrome Settings
Open Google Chrome Settings

Click on Show advanced settings…

Show Advanced Settings Of Google Chrome
Show Advanced Settings Of Google Chrome

Click on Clear browsing data…

Clear Browsing Data
Clear Browsing Data

Select what you want to clear or just stick as the image and then hit on the Clear browsing data button.

Clear Google Chrome Data
Clear Google Chrome Data

Change Your Default DNS Server To Google DNS or OpenDNS

If the above method can’t help you fix the problem, then you can change your default DNS server to Google’s DNS or OpenDNS. By default, your computer will use the default DNS server of ISP (Internet service provider), and if you want to force your computer to use another DNS server, you must set it on your network settings.

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Open Network and Sharing Center by click on Start > type Network and Sharing Center in the search box.

Network and Sharing Center
Network and Sharing Center

Click on Local Area Connection. The name might be different if you are using the wireless connection. But the way we config the DNS server is the same.

Local Area Connection
Open Local Area Connection Settings

Do follow the instruction on the image below, from step #1 to step #5 and everything will be done. In the image, the and is the Google’s DNS. If you want to use OpenDNS, please fill it with following details: and

Change Default DNS Server To Google DNS or OpenDNS
Change Default DNS Server To Google DNS or OpenDNS

You can now refresh the page and see if the problem is fixed or not. If this method does not work for you, please check your Windows Firewall or any kind of firewall program to see if it has blocked specific websites.

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However, sometimes you need to clear the DNS cache to make it works. To clear DNS cache, open cmd.exe (Command Prompt) program and type ipconfig /flushdns , and then press Enter.

Fix dns_probe_finished_no_internet error With Command Prompt

You can solve the DNS Probe Finished No Internet with a few commands:

  1. Open cmd.exe (use combination keys: Windows + R, type “cmd” and press Enter).
  2. Type “netsh winsock reset” in Command Prompt program and press Enter.
  3. Restart your computer and your internet should be working now.

You also can fix this DNS error by using the following commands:

  1. Open cmd.exe (as above)
  2. Type “ipconfig /release” and press Enter.
  3. Type “ipconfig /renew” and press Enter.
  4. Type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press Enter.
  5. Type “netsh int ip set dns” and press Enter.
  6. Type “netsh winsock reset” and press Enter.
  7. Exit the Command Prompt program and then reboot your computer.

Reboot Or Change Settings Of Your Router / Modem

Before rebooting or change settings of your router or modem, you have to check and verify the scope of the error. If it only happens in the Google Chrome browser, and other browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Safari still works fine, then you can skip this step.

However, if all of your computer isn’t being able to use the Internet (from browsers to other apps, such as Skype and Mail), then you should reboot or reset your router.

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You can also unplug the power cable of your router / modem from the power source, wait for at least five minutes and then plug the cable into your router / modem again.

Uninstall Any Software That You Are Using To Filtering Websites

If there is any software that’s installed on your computer with filtering website purposes, then you should disable it to check if it’s a problem or just simply uninstall it from your computer. Sometimes, these kinds of software will block websites while you are visiting it on the browser.

I hope these solutions can help you to solve the DNS Probe Finished No Internet ( or dns_probe_finished_no_internet ) error. After try above solutions and the error still exist, just contact me and I will try to help you to fix this problem.

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