Android File Transfer: How To Transfer Files Between Android And Mac

Normally, when you plug your Android phone into your Windows computer, it will show you an option to open your phone storage to view, transfer in & out, and delete files. But when you plug an Android phone into a Mac computer, and nothing happens. Have you seen before?

Android File Transfer For Mac

It’s annoying, but you can easy to fix this with the official tool: Android File Transfer, a free app for Mac from the Android team, allows you to open your Android phone storage and view, transfer or delete files.

Android File Transfer

How To Use Android File Transfer

  1. Download the Android File Transfer app from here.
  2. Open the androidfiletransfer.dmg file.
  3. Drag “Android File Transfer” to Applications.
  4. Connect your Android phone to your Mac through the USB port.
  5. Launch Android File Transfer.
  6. View, transfer or delete files as you want.

This is the best method to transfer files between your Android phone and Mac computer. If you don’t want to use the USB cable, there is an alternative that allows you to transfer files between your Android phone and Mac through Wi-Fi.

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Transfer Files Between Android And Windows

If you want to transfer files between your Android devices and Windows, just plug USB cable to the USB port on your computer. Other side into your Android phone. I might take a few second to scan and a new window will show up to let you open your phone storage. In the next step, all you need is just copy / paste / delete the file you need. With Windows computers, there is no other software required, just plug and browse the file.

Dropbox: Transfer Files Between Android And Mac Through Internet

If you are new and don’t know about Dropbox, then it’s a cloud and syncing services, allows you to sync files between your Android and its cloud services as well as with other devices.

  1. Install Dropbox on both Android phone and Mac computer.
  2. Simply drag and drop the file you want to transfer to Mac computer to Dropbox on your Android phone.
  3. The file will sync between your Android phone, Dropbox cloud and Mac computer.
  4. Go to the Dropbox folder on your Mac and get the file.

More Solutions To Transfer Files Between Android And Mac

ES File Manager, a file manager app for the Android operating system, available on Google Play store, allows you to browse network shares. You need to set up the Mac computer for file sharing, and then browse the files from the Android device. Visit here to download ES File Manager.

AirDroid is another great app that allows you to share files between Android and Mac. Visit here to download AirDroid.

If you have found any other solutions to transfer files between Android and Mac computer that greater than Android File Transfer, tell me and I will update the article.