Amazon Local vs Groupon, Best Places To Find Local Deals

Both Amazon Local and Groupon are offering local deals and bargains in the market, along with some others. So what do you think about both local deals? Which one should be the first place you will go to and find your local deals?

In this post, I will compare both Amazon Local and Groupon, using a list of metrics to compare both local deals & bargains services to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Number Of Deals

At this point, the Groupon has a lot of deals more than Amazon Local, at the same location and I also have tested a few other locations and have the same results. In Chicago, IL, Amazon Local has several pages in each category to browse and up to a few hundred results.

Amazon Local Volume
Amazon Local Volume

Meanwhile, Groupon has more than 4,000 results.

Groupon Volume
Groupon Volume

Quality Of Deals

Both local deals website have great deals & bargains, almost come with at least 50% sale off. However, it seems that the deals on Groupon always has limited time and counting down, while Amazon Local does not list it on the deals page or it does not have.

However, Amazon has mixed both physical deals as well as online deals into Amazon Local. So you will see a lot of online deals alongside local deals & bargains. In Groupon, all local deals are really local deals and there is no non-local promotions like “online deal” on Amazon Local.

Apparently, Amazon has mixed local deals and online deals to boost the listing volume, as it’s a new service with less deals.

In my opinion, I prefer Groupon more than Amazon Local, it’s a good place to find real local deals with huge discounts and valuable. I don’t know if Amazon will improve the results of Amazon Local or not, but at this time, I would suggest you to use Groupon to find your local deals and bargains instead of Amazon Local.

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