Unfollowgram – Track People Who Unfollow You On Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing service that’s available on Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS as well as the web. The Instagram app comes with a lot of filters that can make your photo more interesting, look more artistic. But these filters are only a small part in the success of Instagram, the big cake is its online social network that is used frequently by several hundred million users.

In this article, I will tell you a few tools that you can use to track who your followers and who has unfollowed you.



There are a lot of web-based unfollow tracker, but just a few of them are working, and Unfollowgram is the best. It comes with simple user interface and very easy to use, helps you easy to keep an eye on your Instagram followers.

The Unfollowgram tool supports OAuth authentication, all you need is just simple log in through OAuth authentication (not asked your password), and then the tool will load information of all followers.

With the tool, you can track people who do not follow you back and people who has recently unfollowed you. You can also easy to unfollow those people with a single click. The Unfollowgram is a web-based tool, it’s working on all platforms.

If you want to try the Unfollowgram, visit here.

Followers+ For iOS

Followers+ For iOS
Followers+ For iOS

If you would like to use a mobile app instead of a web-based tool, then take a look at the
Followers+ for iOS app.

The app comes with “new followers“, “lost followers“, “do not follow back” as well as “who do not follow you back” features. You can also purchase addons like “Engagement Pack” and “Insights Pack” to get more in-depth followers information, costs $0.99 in-app purchases. Visit here to try the app.

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