Tumblr Wallpapers: Top 6 Tumblr Blogs To Download Wallpaper Images

Tumblr, a blogging platform that combines between blogging system and social networking, offers an easy solution to create new contents and share it with other users. If you are a fan of Tumblr, you may follow a lot of useful Tumblr blogs with good resources.

Today, in this article, I just want to suggest you a list of Tumblr blogs that you should follow to download wallpaper images for your desktop, smartphone or Tumblr blog.

Top 6 Blogs To Download Tumblr Wallpapers



Basically, Unsplash is not a wallpaper website, but it offers a lot of high resolution images with free copyright. You can go to the Unsplash website, download images and do whatever you want without worrying about copyright issues. The Unsplash website is also updated daily, so you can get new images every day.

Website: https://unsplash.com



On the Prettify website, you are not only can download wallpapers but also can download a lot of icon collections. There are a lot of wallpaper collections that fits for each device, such as iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad as well as desktop wallpapers.

Website: http://prettifyit.com

iPhone 5 Wallpapers

iPhone 5 Wallpapers

As its name, this Tumblr blog is a great place to find wallpapers for your iPhone 5, both lock screen and home screen wallpapers.

Website: http://iphonefivewallpapers.tumblr.com

iPhone Backgrounds

iPhone Backgrounds

The website has a great collection of rustic and artistic images. If you are looking for images with a vintage feel to it, this is the right place to go and download images.

Website: http://iphonebackground.tumblr.com

Desktop Wallpaper Project

desktop wallpapers

This is another great place to find artsy wallpapers for your desktop or any device with high resolution.

Website: http://desktopwallpaperproject.tumblr.com

Wallpaper Blog

Wallpapers Blog

Wallpaper Blog has a lot of impressive wallpapers for your desktop as well as other devices. You can also find celebrity images, photo-manipulations, original artwork and much more. This Tumblr blog has not been updated in a while, but there are a lot of collections that’s big enough to you to download.

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Website: http://wallpaperblog.tumblr.com

I hope you have found the wallpaper that you are interested in, and use it for your desktop, smartphone as well as Tumblr wallpapers.